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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryProduct VersionFixed in Version
  0003052 New Featurefeature requestnew2010-01-12Field to measure time spent by the testator in the execution of a test case1.9 Beta 1
  00027235Reportstextnew2010-01-11Two problems when Chinese Simplified1.8.3
  00028825Test Executefeature requestfeedback2009-12-22Possibility to see executions for any testplan1.8.4
  0003014 Reportsminornew2009-12-18Special character "apostrophe"(') is not displayed in the test suite, instead it displayed &00000391.8.3
  00021282Test Executefeature requestacknowledged2009-12-15Notifications after test execution1.7.4
  00018177Test Plan (builds, milestones, test assign)feature requestacknowledged2009-12-15Bulk Assignment for "Set Urgent Test"1.8 Beta 3
  0001619 New Featurefeature requestacknowledged2009-12-15Contribution: user can send a mail to admin/anyone for change in access or for some other request1.7.4
  0003006 Localizationminorassigned (schlundus)2009-12-14locale/de_DE/strings.txt is "iso-8859-1" but HTML meta tag says "UTF-8"1.8.5 (bug fixing)
  00029714Reportsminornew2009-12-02"newlines" get lost when "Testing notes" are pasted into "Query Metrics Report" or "Test Report"1.8.2
  00027011Test Executeminornew2009-12-01allow to set execution notes expanded by default1.8.3
  0002982 Requirement Managementminornew2009-12-01Bad print order until the list is reordered1.8.2
  0002979 New Featureminornew2009-11-27Enhance Analyse Requirements to area level1.8.4
  00028492New Featuremajornew2009-11-11Auto Execute for full test plan?
  00029421User Interface Generalminornew2009-11-07The custom filed with a long name is not shown properly1.8.4
  0002918 Users and Rightsminornew2009-10-26Test Projects rights are inherited to a <no rights> Test Plan1.8.4
  00029042New Featurefeature requestnew2009-10-21Message after login1.8.4
  0002900 User Interface Generalminornew2009-10-16single- and double-quotes not right displayed in Test Plan and Execution1.8.4
  0002880 Reportstweaknew2009-10-08improvement to Table of content , when a Test-Plan/Report is generated in MS-Word1.8.2
  00018835Reportsfeature requestfeedback2009-10-08Ability of generating an overall test report from multiple test plans
  00028581Reportstweaknew2009-09-26New line character in the test execution's "Notes" field is not exported.1.8.3
  00028521Reportsfeature requestacknowledged2009-09-23"Build description" printed into the Test Report
  00026712Reportsfeature requestfeedback2009-09-22Reports and Metrics to show by active (option) or cumulative (default) build1.8.1
  00025032Reportsfeature requestassigned (amitkhullar)2009-09-06Enhancement - Chart Build Test Execution1.8.2
  0002836 New Featuretweaknew2009-09-04Notification about the fact that tests on a particular build, was completed1.8.3
  00028211Reportsfeature requestacknowledged2009-08-31Adding hyperlinks to Test Result Matrix as the optional parameter1.8.3
  0002804 New Featuremajornew2009-08-18Perfomance Issue in displaying the Test Result Matrix report.1.8.2
  00023088Requirement Managementfeature requestacknowledged2009-07-31Export requirements to CSV1.8 RC 5
  00027314API - XMLRPCfeature requestnew2009-07-24API-methods for reports and metrics1.8.3
  00009233Reportsfeature requestacknowledged (kevin)2009-07-18would be nice to have a report that covers all test plans within a test project1.7.0 RC 2
  0002691 Reportsfeature requestnew2009-07-01Enable to export TP results all sub categories to one file1.8.3
  0002604 Integration with Other Systemsfeature requestnew2009-06-11Creation of TestLink Test Plan Execution Runner Plugin1.8.2
  0002575 New Featurefeature requestacknowledged2009-06-05Implement RSS feed1.8.2
  00011536User Interface Generalfeature requestacknowledged2009-06-03Statistics for confirmation of delete of bigger amount of data.1.7.0 final
  00018452Database Generalminoracknowledged2009-05-30Orphan remains after test case create failure1.7.4
  00025205Reportsfeature requestnew2009-05-22Graphical Reports should have filtering by builds1.8.2
  00025271Reportsminornew2009-05-21Reports generated using 'Email' format results in email with html code.1.8 RC 4
  00015782Users and Rightsminornew2009-05-15Restrict listing of users with no rights on a Test Plan1.7.4
  0002478 Reportstweaknew2009-05-05Justify version value in "Test result matrix" report1.8.2
  0002450 New Featurefeature requestnew2009-04-28Add option to save filter settings on test execution page1.8.1
  00023121Reportsfeature requestnew2009-04-20Generate test plan report with test case executions1.8.0
  00022395Generalmajoracknowledged2009-04-20Sessions handled uncorrectly1.8 RC 5
  00022332Test Specificationminornew2009-04-01No option to save test Specification Document1.8 RC 5
  00021136Reportsfeature requestacknowledged2009-03-27TimeZone setting1.8 RC 4
  00019152Test Executefeature requestacknowledged2009-03-09Show/hide build history from users view by javascript (without reload)1.8 RC 2
  00020603New Featurefeature requestacknowledged2009-03-06Use Results Scripts as Nightly Build Script to create autom. the status reports1.8 RC 3
  00012515New Featurefeature requestacknowledged2009-03-06Schedular feature for reporting.1.7.2
  00021183Reportsfeature requestacknowledged2009-02-23Custom reporting: creating one huge excel export1.8 RC 4
  0002106 Reportsminornew2009-02-12Addittional Sections to the Bug Report1.8 RC 4
  0002101 Reportsminornew2009-02-12Query Metrics - History status is displayed instead last status1.8 RC 4
  00015316Generalfeature requestacknowledged2009-02-10Move Test Plans to navBar1.8 Beta 1
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