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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryProduct VersionFixed in Version
  00017305Test Executemajorclosed (mhavlat)2012-11-25cannot assign test case to tester for execution1.8 Beta 31.8.2
  00023302Test Executemajorclosed (fman)2010-01-13issues when trying to execute tests1.
  00021248Custom fieldsfeature requestclosed (fman)2010-01-13Importing/EXporting Custom fields into test case1.8 RC 41.8.2
  00024165Keywordsmajorclosed (fman)2009-07-09Keyword Search Option.1.8 RC 41.8.2
  00024477Reportsminorclosed (amitkhullar)2009-05-12Problem with custom fields in printout1.
  00023741Reportsminorclosed (amitkhullar)2009-05-11Show Assigned User in the Not Run Test Cases Report1.
  00023681Reportsminorclosed (amitkhullar)2009-05-11The Custom Fields are not being printed properly in a table in TestPlan/Test Spec. Doc.
  00023541Users and Rightsminorclosed (amitkhullar)2009-05-11Blank page if rights are not given on RoleManagement1.
  00023484Test Project Managementmajorclosed (schlundus)2009-05-11Test Case import from excel broken in
  00023471Database MySQLmajorclosed (schlundus)2009-05-11Searching TestCase i got a mysql error1.
  00023421Reportsminorclosed (amitkhullar)2009-05-11Wrong assignment to "$TLS_number_not_run" in String.txt file1.
  00022951Generalmajorclosed (amitkhullar)2009-05-11bad url being generated when multiple logins detected and user attempts to logout1.
  00022927Reportsminorclosed (amitkhullar)2009-05-11Requirements Based Report - results always show in 'Failed' section1.
  00022674Reportscrashclosed (amitkhullar)2009-05-11Error when clicking a linked test case in Failed/Block Test Cases within Reports and Metrics1.8 RC 51.8.2
  00024394Requirement Managementminorclosed (amitkhullar) needs to be updated for requirements constants1.
  00024381Localizationtextclosed (mhavlat)2009-05-11cs_CZ localization strings.txt1.
  00024192Reportstweakclosed (mhavlat)2009-05-11The default name for saving test plan, test report, test specification is the same "test_report"
  00024101Reportsmajorclosed (amitkhullar)2009-05-11Custom Fields on Test Plan level Available for Testcases as a Report1.
  00024062Generalmajorclosed (schlundus)2009-05-11Javascript error when trying to open test case info in new window1.
  00024051Generalminorclosed (schlundus)2009-05-11Javascript error when accessing "Add / Remove Test Cases" page1.
  0002394 0 - User too Lazy to analize defined categoriesmajorclosed (schlundus)2009-05-11Importing Data via XLS Crashes1.
  00023928Generalminorclosed (schlundus)2009-05-11Poor performance of all Usermanagement section on TestLink
  00023847Test Plan (builds, milestones, test assign)majorclosed (fman)2009-05-11Tree doesnt load properly in Add / Remove Test Cases1.
  00023806Reportsminorclosed (mhavlat)2009-05-11Charts do not generate1.
  00023668Test Executemajorclosed (schlundus)2009-05-11SQL Error in Test Execution when attempting to complete bulk operations with filter applied1.8 RC 51.8.2
  00023245Database Postgresmajorclosed (mhavlat)2009-05-11"General Test Plan Metrics" show error messages with PostgreSQL1.
  00023057Test Executemajorclosed (schlundus)2009-05-11While in Execution and filtering by Not_Run, you get a MYSQL error1.
  00021718Reportsminorclosed (fman)2009-05-11Requirements based report - not all requirements are shown on the report1.8 RC 41.8.2
  00020928Test Plan (builds, milestones, test assign)majorclosed (fman)2009-05-11Bulk user assignment does not display all users1.8 RC 41.8.2
  00018202Reportsfeature requestclosed (amitkhullar)2009-05-11Report required for identifying the Test Case Assigned to users for a particular build and there status1.8 Beta 31.8.2
  00014055Custom fieldsminorclosed (mhavlat)2009-05-11Custom field Max Size1.
  00013961Reportsmajorclosed (fman)2009-05-11Fatal Error when creating a Report->Test Plan which includes Test Results1.8.2
  00008334Test Specificationfeature requestclosed (amitkhullar)2009-05-11While printing test specification, the linked requirements are not shown1.7.0 RC 21.8.2
  00006801Reportsminorclosed (kevin)2009-05-11Results – Not run Test Cases – some columns are not used1.7.0 BETA 51.8.2
  000218515Requirement Managementminorclosed (amitkhullar)2009-05-11Requirements not classified (covered/uncovered) in Analyse table1.8 RC 51.8.2
  00021953Database MySQLmajorclosed (fman)2009-04-20Does not updates id for test-cases from RC 51.8.2
  00020112Generalmajorclosed (mhavlat)2009-04-20On applying filter the application goes in not responding state in jtree structure1.
  00022005Test Executefeature requestclosed (fman)2009-04-20Enchancement request for results field to have an option for skipping the test case1.8 RC 51.8.2
  00023491User Interface Generalfeature requestclosed (mhavlat)2009-04-20Possibility to allow multiple selection on the tree1.
  00023522User Interface Generalmajorclosed (mhavlat)2009-04-20Test Case text editor performs double carriage return1.
  00023871Database MySQLblockclosed (mhavlat)2009-04-16I am uploading test cases from a perl file. Searching for uploaded test cases using perl file is failing.1.8 RC 31.8.2

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