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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryProduct VersionFixed in Version
  0002850 Test Executefeature requestclosed (fman)2011-03-05Contribution - Improve UI for bulk update of Test Execution1.9 Beta 2
  000241713Users and Rightsfeature requestclosed (fman)2010-10-26Project admin should be able to assign users to own project1.8.11.9 Beta 2
  000310760 - User too Lazy to analize defined categoriesfeature requestclosed (Julian)2010-09-19Text search in Requirements not available (yet)1.9 Beta 11.9 Beta 2
  0003077 Test Specificationfeature requestclosed (fman)2010-09-19Preconditions missing on Search Test Cases1.9 Beta 11.9 Beta 2
  00030441Requirement Managementfeature requestclosed (fman)2010-09-19Requirement/ Requirement Specification Type: Suggest this field be customizable1.9 Beta 11.9 Beta 2
  00036792Database Generalminorclosed (fman)2010-08-31Bug detected function exec_query in file database.class.php1.8.5 (bug fixing)1.9 Beta 2
  000166214Third party componentsfeature requestclosed (fman)2010-08-19Ext Js - Update to 2.21.9 Beta 2
  0002893 Test Plan (builds, milestones, test assign)feature requestclosed (fman)2010-05-26Platforms feature - Export/import on XML1.9 Beta 2
  00021586API - XMLRPCmajorclosed (fman)2010-05-19getTestCaseCustomFieldDesignValue returns no value1.8 RC 41.9 Beta 2
  0002232 API - XMLRPCfeature requestclosed (fman)2010-05-01An API Call to create Test Suites1.8 RC 51.9 Beta 2
  00022062Reportsfeature requestclosed (amitkhullar)2010-05-01Option to enable / disable printing of Custom Fields in Test Report1.8 RC 51.9 Beta 2
  000079713Reportsfeature requestclosed (amitkhullar)2010-05-01Custom fields in Results1.7.0 RC 11.9 Beta 2
  00022072Reportsfeature requestclosed (amitkhullar)2010-05-01Display linked bugs in Test Report for failed test cases.1.8 RC 51.9 Beta 2
  0001880 User Interface Generalminorclosed (schlundus)2010-05-01Delete confirmation dialog of attachemnts is not consistent with most other delete confirmation dialog (no ext.js) used1.9 Beta 2
  0002289 Event viewerminorclosed (fman)2010-05-01WARNING: String 'import_results' is not localized for 'en_GB' Beta 2
  00022556Test Plan (builds, milestones, test assign)majorclosed (fman)2010-05-01default execution order is not logically when adding test cases to a test plan1.8 RC 51.9 Beta 2
  00022477Test Executefeature requestclosed (fman)2010-05-01Add additional option for show test cases within test suite1.8 RC 51.9 Beta 2
  00021563Reportsfeature requestclosed (amitkhullar)2010-05-01Query Metrics Report shows all results for each test case1.8 RC 41.9 Beta 2
  00023513User Interface Generalminorclosed (mhavlat)2010-05-01Compatibility with Google Chrome, Opera & Safari1.8.11.9 Beta 2
  00023648Test Executefeature requestclosed (fman)2010-05-01Ability to edit a test case during execution1.8 RC 51.9 Beta 2
  00004971New Featurefeature requestclosed (fman)2010-05-01It should be possible to design and execute test cases simultaneously1.6.21.9 Beta 2
  000019210New Featurefeature requestclosed (fman)2010-05-01User should be able to edit the test case while executing it1.5.11.9 Beta 2
  0002414 Custom fieldsmajorclosed (fman)2010-05-01Add online check to control that qty of characters on TEXT AREA CF can be written to DB1.8.01.9 Beta 2
  0002422 Test Specificationmajorclosed (fman)2010-05-01Checkbox to select all Test Cases while moving/copying between Test Suites1.8.11.9 Beta 2
  000198314API - XMLRPCfeature requestclosed (fman)2010-05-01Patch files for TestLink 1.8(RC2) XML-RPC1.8 RC 21.9 Beta 2
  00023631Reportsfeature requestclosed (fman)2010-05-01Report - display test cases not added to at least one testplan1.8.11.9 Beta 2
  0002369 Test Plan (builds, milestones, test assign)feature requestclosed (fman)2010-05-01Add new fields to testplan_tcversions table in order to understand when tcversion was added to test plan1.8.11.9 Beta 2
  0002359 Custom fieldsfeature requestclosed (fman)2010-05-01When editing Custom Fields, display test projects where custom field has been assigned1.8.11.9 Beta 2
  00023095Requirement Managementfeature requestclosed (fman)2010-05-01Requirement ID missing1.8 RC 51.9 Beta 2
  0002442 Users and Rightsfeature requestclosed (fman)2010-05-01Add Bulk Assignment on Assign Test Project Roles and Assign Test Plan Roles1.9 Beta 2
  0002441 API - XMLRPCfeature requestclosed (fman)2010-05-01new methods - getTestProjectByName(), getTestPlanByName()1.9 Beta 2
  00023782Test Specificationfeature requestclosed (fman)2010-05-01Add to test plan does not have option to 'Add test plan' if plan does not exist1.8.11.9 Beta 2
  00010096Users and Rightsfeature requestclosed (fman)2010-05-01After assigning testproject-role "admin" to user it cannot assign testproject-roles to other users1.7.0 RC 31.9 Beta 2
  0002494 Test Plan (builds, milestones, test assign)feature requestclosed (fman)2010-05-01Manage Build release date1.9 Beta 2
  00025782Reportstextclosed (mhavlat)2010-05-01Insert blank space between test cases in HTML Test Specification Document1.8.21.9 Beta 2
  00025183API - XMLRPCfeature requestclosed (fman)2010-05-01New function: getTestCaseByExtId()1.9 Beta 2
  00021982User Interface Generaltextclosed (schlundus)2010-05-01Test Suite was successfully Delete!1.8 RC 41.9 Beta 2
  00021742Localizationtextclosed (schlundus)2010-05-01Hardcoded strings in GUI, that cannot be localized or removed1.8 RC 41.9 Beta 2
  0002610 Database MySQLcrashclosed (schlundus)2010-05-01Performance issue in Report "Test Cases not assigned to Any Test Plan" due to inperformant SQL query1.8.31.9 Beta 2
  0002598 API - XMLRPCfeature requestclosed (fman)2010-05-01New methid - createTestPlan()1.9 Beta 2
  00025835Users and Rightstextclosed (mhavlat)2010-05-01Lost password feature : not very user-friendly password is sent1.7.51.9 Beta 2
  000254313Generalfeature requestclosed (schlundus)2010-05-01Prefilling the Test Case ID search box seems not as useful. as seems1.8.21.9 Beta 2
  0002653 Localizationminorclosed (schlundus)2010-05-01Variable assigned the same value twice1.8.31.9 Beta 2
  00026603Test Plan (builds, milestones, test assign)feature requestclosed (mhavlat)2010-05-01Show priority in assign view1.9 Beta 2
  00026144Database MySQLminorclosed (mhavlat)2010-05-01[TL1.9] Schema Changes: DB 1.31.9 Beta 2
  0002728 Internal issuecrashclosed (fman)2010-05-01get_full_path_verbose crush when one of the items does not exist1.8.31.9 Beta 2
  0002544 Custom fieldstrivialclosed (fman)2010-05-01Extra space when creating custom fields1.8.21.9 Beta 2
  000115512Database Generalminorclosed (fman)2010-05-01builds table should have a date or timestamp field1.9 Beta 2
  00027261Test Executemajorclosed (fman)2010-05-01[DEV] History of all executions have broken SQL1.9 Beta 2
  00026253User Interface Generalfeature requestclosed (fman)2010-05-01Contribution: Modifications on custom field (display order modified) Beta 2
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