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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryProduct VersionFixed in Version
  00019137New Featurefeature requestclosed (fman)2012-11-25Feature to be able to filter all previous builds.1.8 RC 11.8 RC 4
  00021513Generalminorclosed (fman)2009-04-05Searching testcases : Search with Testcase ID does not work1.8 RC 41.8 RC 4
  000149010Test Executefeature requestclosed (fman)2009-04-05EstimatedExecuteTime and TesterExecuteTime for performance management1.8 Beta 11.8 RC 4
  00014674Localizationtextclosed (mhavlat)2009-04-05Spanish Localization1.8 Beta 11.8 RC 4
  00020912Requirement Managementmajorclosed (schlundus)2009-02-13Requirement Specs not printing correctly1.8 RC 31.8 RC 4
  00020873Test Plan (builds, milestones, test assign)majorclosed (mhavlat)2009-02-13Test execution history lost1.7.41.8 RC 4
  000206511Users and Rightsmajorclosed (schlundus)2009-02-13Test Project Level permissions display issue1.8 RC 31.8 RC 4
  00015676Test Executemajorclosed (mhavlat)2009-02-13Test cases execution does not work even though criteria is met1.8 Beta 11.8 RC 4
  0002072 Event viewerminorclosed (schlundus)2009-02-06Delete Test case version1.8 RC 31.8 RC 4
  00020693Generalminorclosed (schlundus)2009-02-06Attachement crash1.8 RC 31.8 RC 4
  00020661Generalcrashclosed (mhavlat)2009-02-06Always redirect to wrong URL1.8 RC 31.8 RC 4
  00020591Custom fieldsminorclosed (mhavlat)2009-02-06Warning Logged in Logs due to incorrect variable name in code1.8 RC 31.8 RC 4
  00020501Test Plan (builds, milestones, test assign)feature requestclosed (fman)2009-02-06New feature - send mail to testers during execution assingment1.8 RC 4
  00020461Test Specificationminorclosed (schlundus)2009-02-06TestCase - when new file is upload (in newly created version of TC), white page is shown1.8 RC 31.8 RC 4
  00020373Test Specificationmajorclosed (schlundus)2009-02-06attachment config for attachment title not working1.8 RC 31.8 RC 4
  00020341Reportsmajorclosed (schlundus)2009-02-06Report "Query Metrics" is not working1.8 RC 31.8 RC 4
  00020324Test Specificationmajorclosed (schlundus)2009-02-06Move/Copy Test cases from Suite selection doesn't work1.8 RC 31.8 RC 4
  00020312Keywordsminorclosed (schlundus)2009-02-06Keyword view + Keyword management not displayed for role leader and senior tester (see bug 0002021 )1.8 RC 31.8 RC 4
  00020221User Interface Generaltextclosed (mhavlat)2009-02-06Various spelling mistakes in the "Test Specification" introductory text (English version)1.8 RC 31.8 RC 4
  00020213Keywordsminorclosed (schlundus)2009-02-06Keyword Management screen is not displayed with role leader1.8 RC 31.8 RC 4
  00020208Installermajorclosed (fman)2009-02-06migration 1.7.3 -> 1.8 - testcase id porblems- Utility to align external ID with internal ID after migration1.8 RC 31.8 RC 4
  0002019 Test Specificationfeature requestclosed (fman)2009-02-06Search test case by Requirement Document ID1.8 RC 4
  00020186Installercrashclosed (fman)2009-02-06Migration 1.7 to 1.8 - SQL errors1.8 RC 31.8 RC 4
  0002017 API - XMLRPCfeature requestclosed (fman)2009-02-06new method - assignRequirements()1.8 RC 4
  00020163Installermajorclosed (mhavlat)2009-02-06Migration from 1.7.3 to 1.81.8 RC 31.8 RC 4
  00020151Generalmajorclosed (schlundus)2009-02-06Session Timeout causes the page to give error 404 Not Found1.8 RC 31.8 RC 4
  00020143Installerblockclosed (mhavlat)2009-02-06Upgrade from TL 1.7.4 ti 1.8 RC3 : problem with db_schema_update.sql when trying to do insert into role_rights1.8 RC 31.8 RC 4
  00020131Generaltweakclosed (mhavlat)2009-02-06Disable security message1.8 RC 31.8 RC 4
  00020121Reportsmajorclosed (fman)2009-02-06Query Metrics report crashes1.8 RC 31.8 RC 4
  00020102Event viewerminorclosed (fman)2009-02-06String 'phpmailer_language' is not localized for 'en_GB'1.8 RC 31.8 RC 4
  00020091Event viewerminorclosed (fman)2009-02-06E_NOTICE Undefined index: childNodes1.8 RC 31.8 RC 4
  0002008 Event viewerminorclosed (schlundus)2009-02-06E_NOTICE Undefined index: warning_edit_msg1.8 RC 31.8 RC 4
  00020021Localizationminorclosed (fman)2009-02-06German localization not working1.8 RC 31.8 RC 4
  00020004Installerminorclosed (mhavlat)2009-02-06reportCheckingWeb threw some errors during installation1.8 RC 31.8 RC 4
  00019995Reportstrivialclosed (mhavlat)2009-02-06Index in the Plan Test1.8 RC 21.8 RC 4
  0001997 Event viewerminorclosed (fman)2009-02-06Version Numbers missing in Printing the Test Plan1.8 RC 21.8 RC 4
  00019961Event viewerminorclosed (fman)2009-02-06Errors in variable names1.8 RC 41.8 RC 4
  00019807User Interface Generalminorclosed (fman)2009-02-06While attemtpting to upload an image to the server from the Edit Test Case form I get an invalid XML Response1.7.41.8 RC 4
  00018462Localizationtextclosed (mhavlat)2009-02-06un-aligned en_GB and en_US1.7.41.8 RC 4
  00015918Test Executemajorclosed (mhavlat)2009-02-06MainFrame freezes while loading a large TestSuite1.7.41.8 RC 4
  00015591User Interface Generaltextclosed (mhavlat)2009-02-06Because the interlinear space is narrow, the top/bottom of the chars are cut.1.8 Beta 11.8 RC 4
  00013632User Interface Generaltextclosed (mhavlat)2009-02-06clean up English version of text displayed on Test Case Edit and Archive page1.7.31.8 RC 4
  00013182Database Generaltrivialclosed (fman)2009-02-06Reading possibly nonexistend array key1.8 RC 4
  00012554New Featurefeature requestclosed (fman)2009-02-06Notification - E-mail messages to assignee1.7.11.8 RC 4

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