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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryProduct VersionFixed in Version
  00037212Reportsminorclosed (Julian)2010-08-31Total no. of Test Cases with missing/linked Bugs not working for "Failed/Blocked Test Cases Report"1.9 Beta 51.9 Beta 6
  00037291Database Generalminorclosed (fman)2010-08-31testcase::get_by_name fails to get test cases with titles longer than 100 characters1.9 Beta 6
  00037238Reportsminorclosed (fman)2010-08-31Test Cases without Tester Assignment shows test cases multiple times1.9 Beta 51.9 Beta 6
  0003237 Requirement Managementtweakclosed (fman)2010-07-19Saving requirement with duplicate ID results in loss of data1.8.11.9 Beta 6
  00036013Requirement Managementminorclosed (asimon)2010-07-14Link "Requirement Specification" is shown even if it is not enabled for current project1.9 Beta 51.9 Beta 6
  00035747Test Executecrashclosed (asimon)2010-07-09Crash when clicking on top level node on execution tree.1.9 Beta 51.9 Beta 6
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