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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryProduct VersionFixed in Version
  00018573Test Plan (builds, milestones, test assign)feature requestclosed (fman)2008-12-08The name of test plan should be appeared in the warning message when trying to delete a test plan1.7.0 final1.8 Beta 3
  00015023Database MySQLmajorclosed (fman)2008-12-08Test cases, Keywords and Test plans missing after migration from 1.6.3 to Beta 3
  0001476 Requirement Managementminorclosed (fman)2008-12-08Scope text is missing when editing a requirement in 1.8.0 beta1.8 Beta 11.8 Beta 3
  00005483New Featurefeature requestclosed (fman)2008-12-08Previous build reports text should be seen in execution1.8 Beta 3
  00016001Reportsfeature requestclosed (mhavlat)2008-11-07Remove report: Overall Build Status1.8 Beta 11.8 Beta 3
  00015812User Interface Generalminorclosed (fman)2008-11-07navigation tree is not stretched1.8 Beta 11.8 Beta 3
  00015381Users and Rightsfeature requestclosed (mhavlat)2008-11-07Feature Request: Allow a way to display the user logs1.7.41.8 Beta 3
  0001521 Users and Rightsmajorclosed (schlundus)2008-11-07testlink 1.8 : unable to create a new User with the latest build1.8 Beta 3
  00014754Requirement Managementtweakclosed (schlundus)2008-11-07Unable to Create new requirements1.8 Beta 11.8 Beta 3
  00014731Database MySQLminorclosed (schlundus)2008-11-07SQL Error on importing testcases1.8 Beta 11.8 Beta 3
  000141060 - User too Lazy to analize defined categoriesmajorclosed (mhavlat)2008-11-07OpenLDAP authentication failure during login1.7.41.8 Beta 3
  00012532Documentation (Install, User Manual, help)minorclosed (mhavlat)2008-11-07How is the milestone feature supposed to work ? Beta 3
  00010702Reportsfeature requestclosed (mhavlat)2008-11-07Ability to disable superfluous animations on "flash" reports1.7.0 final1.8 Beta 3
  00018422New Featurefeature requestclosed (fman)2008-11-07CONTRIBUTION: Ability to update execution notes1.7.41.8 Beta 3
  0001758 Event viewermajorclosed (schlundus)2008-11-07Timestamp inputs accept any type of string without doing controlls1.8 Beta 31.8 Beta 3
  00016801Custom fieldsfeature requestclosed (fman)2008-11-07Custom fields to be used on Test plan design (testcase assignment to testplan)1.8 Beta 3
  00016757Reportsmajorclosed (fman)2008-11-07Not possible to print test plan1.8 Beta 21.8 Beta 3
  0001661 Third party componentsfeature requestclosed (fman)2008-11-07Remove from user interface "Reorder Button" if tree component support drag & drop1.8 Beta 21.8 Beta 3
  00016601Third party componentsfeature requestclosed (fman)2008-11-07EXTJS Tree component will be default1.8 Beta 21.8 Beta 3
  00016562User Interface Generalminorclosed (fman)2008-11-07EXTJS-Tree viewing is inside a small fix-sized frame = 300 x 250px1.8 Beta 21.8 Beta 3
  00016397Users and Rightsminorclosed (fman)2008-11-07>User>Assign Test Plan Role - error msg upon change of test plan from drop-down selection1.8 Beta 21.8 Beta 3
  00016383User Interface Generaltrivialclosed (mhavlat)2008-11-07Cannot close the 'Test Plan' help box1.8 Beta 21.8 Beta 3
  00016331API - XMLRPCmajorclosed (mhavlat)2008-11-07[typo] Cannot create TL API key1.8 Beta 21.8 Beta 3

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