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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryProduct VersionFixed in Version
  00044143Test Specificationmajornew2011-04-15"Update tree after every operation" does not work when copying test suites1.9.2 (2011 Q2 - bug fixing)
  00044112Reportsmajornew2011-04-14Test Report in Excel Format truncates the characters
   00040548Requirement Managementfeature requestnew2011-04-11Add automatic completion for requirement relations1.9 (Prague)
   00042939Test Specificationfeature requestnew2011-04-09Display Steps and Expected Results when editing a Test Case1.9.1 (bug fixing)
  0004385 Database MySQLminornew2011-04-07The number of test cases is not updated on the tree automatically after import test cases1.9.2 (2011 Q2 - bug fixing)
  0004379 Users and Rightsminornew2011-04-06inventory management rights does not affected from project role choice1.9.1 (bug fixing)
  0004370 Test Specificationminornew2011-04-02generated test spec layout not in vertical1.9.2 (2011 Q2 - bug fixing)
  0004350 New Featureminornew2011-03-25Configuration of default state for 'Expand/Collapse Groups' in tables1.9.1 (bug fixing)
  00043205User Interface Generalminornew2011-03-20Testlink Tables (exttables) do not resize, when the browser window is resized1.9.1 (bug fixing)
  00023853Test Executefeature requestnew2011-03-18Show details of all test suite level on test case execution.1.8.1
  000360313Reportsminorassigned (Eloff)2011-03-18Header row of test result matrix should remain visible when scrolling1.9 Beta 5
  00027213Reportstweakfeedback2011-03-16The different URL for images (UPLOADED ON FCKEDITOR) of Test Report with the format of HTML and MS Word1.8.3
  00043041User Interface Generalfeature requestnew2011-03-16Ability to enter STEPS after creating new test case1.9 (Prague)
  00043251Test Specificationminornew2011-03-15Import Preconditions from xls file automatically1.9.1 (bug fixing)
  0004310 Test Specificationmajornew2011-03-09Testcase compare fails with various "undefined" error messages1.9.1 (bug fixing)
  00043091Users and Rightsfeature requestnew2011-03-09TL Radius Authentication
  00034109Integration with Other Systemsfeature requestnew2011-03-08Smarty 3.0 compatibility2.0.0 (planned)
  00034836Database Generalcrashnew2011-03-06get_all_testcases_id() method generates 'literal too long' SQL error when selecting big projects (many testcases)1.8.5 (bug fixing)
  0003520 Integration with Other Systemsminornew2011-03-03Fix for Seapine's bugtracking system (TTP) integration1.9 Beta 4
  00042683Bug Tracking Systems Integrationminorassigned (fman)2011-03-02TL 1.8.5: Bug status is not updated when bug is closed in Seapine TTP.
  00042781Test Specificationminornew2011-02-27Move test case via Drag & Drop - Can create same name test case.1.9.1 (bug fixing)
  00042621Generalmajornew2011-02-21Acccents on some of the characters1.9.1 (bug fixing)
  0004223 User Interface Layoutminornew2011-02-06Test Case view - Layout is bad when using Custom Fields
  00042007Requirement Managementfeature requestnew2011-01-31Need capability to disable using expected number of test cases per requirement.1.9.1 (bug fixing)
  00037065Reportsmajornew2011-01-31Test Report "Test Cases without Requirements Assignment" needs to be refactored1.9 Beta 5
   00041622Test Specificationtextassigned (fman)2011-01-19In the name of TestCase, sign '>' is shown in encoded form > instead of '>'1.9 (Prague)
  00040003Custom fieldsmajorassigned (fman)2011-01-18Edit page for CF always shows the default value for "Enable on"1.9 RC 1
  00029336Integration with Other Systemsminornew2011-01-17Integration with Jira which is hosted on an Oracle database does not work properly1.8.3
  0004160 Localizationtrivialnew2011-01-10missing key: printReqSpec - update localization file(<testlink_root>/locale/en_US/texts.php)1.9 (Prague)
  0004138 New Featurefeature requestnew2011-01-06missing configuration option to arrange test steps and expected results vertical, when generating "Test Specification document"1.9 (Prague)
  00041204Custom fieldsfeature requestnew2010-12-23Custom field of TEXT TYPE with a Rich Text Formatting with huge text support.1.9 (Prague)
  00037011Generalmajornew2010-12-21Search filter for test cases should allow to search based on testcase creator1.9 Beta 5
  0004113 Test Executetweaknew2010-12-21Execution type between Preconditions and Steps1.9 (Prague)
  000160111Database MySQLminorassigned (kinow)2010-12-19Any foreign key created1.7.4
  00041072Custom fieldsfeature requestnew2010-12-17feature request----generate separate test report for different filter&setting.
  00040946Generalfeature requestassigned (amitkhullar)2010-12-14Automatic Internal Anchor Linking by the Test Case ID / Requirement ID1.9 (Prague)
  000397617Requirement Managementfeature requestnew2010-12-13Requirement's Review Process and Workflow
  00028793Generalminornew2010-12-10Session timeout cannot be overridden1.8.3
  00040891Reportsminornew2010-12-09Requirements Base Report with multiple platforms per test case shows incorrect Evaluation1.9 (Prague)
  00039227User Interface Generaltrivialnew2010-12-05Improve Create requirements specification page1.9 RC 1
  00033492Generaltrivialnew2010-12-05Display count while importing test cases / requirements / etc.1.9 Beta 3
  00037752Reportsminornew2010-12-03Test reports show all testcases for all platforms1.9 Beta 6
  00040523Generalminornew2010-11-26Problem in "Project" drop down menu1.9 (Prague)
  00029259Generalfeature requestacknowledged2010-11-26UI Interface to display/make the configuration changes for Testlink1.8.4
  0004050 Export/Importmajornew2010-11-23No error message, when fails in importing a testsuit1.9 (Prague)
  00040372Inventory / Platformsminornew2010-11-22"false" is written to empty fields on saving Inventory1.9 (Prague)
  00040433User Interface Generalfeature requestnew2010-11-21Possibility to search Trees1.9 (Prague)
  00040262Requirement Managementfeature requestnew2010-11-17Changing value of multiple requirements via requirement overview1.9 (Prague)
  00039884API - XMLRPCfeature requestnew2010-11-15Retrieving Test Cases with its custom fields name/value pairs1.9 RC 1
  000384310Export/Importfeature requestassigned (fman)2010-11-11CONTRIBUTION - Match testcases on custom fields when importing test results
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