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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryProduct VersionFixed in Version
  00088332Test Specificationblockresolved (fman)2020-01-11Test Specification not saving1.9.19.01 (1.9.19 fixes)
  00088313Data Managementmajorresolved (fman)2020-01-11Admin account can not deleted keywords1.9.19 (2019 Q1) (1.9.19 fixes)
  00088373User Interface Generalmajorresolved (fman)2020-01-05By default show 'first' project1.9.20
  0008838 Test Executefeature requestresolved (fman)2020-01-04Provide message to ask tester to read test suite contents when executing test cases1.9.19.01 (1.9.19 fixes)1.9.20
  00088361Installercrashresolved (fman)2020-01-03Error installing - Creating default object from empty value in1.9.19 (2019 Q1)1.9.20
  00080672Test Specificationmajorresolved (fman)2020-01-02Some testcases in edit mode appear blank and canĀ“t edit (reason: <body id="cke_pastebi...)1.9.16 (2016 Q4)1.9.17 (2018 Q1)
  00086298Database Generalfeature requestresolved (fman)2020-01-02Multiple testlink instances configured to the same DB1.9.19 (2019 Q1)1.9.20
  00087282Test Plan (builds, milestones, test assign)feature requestresolved (fman)2020-01-02Build - add attributes specific for Versioning Systems1.9.19.01 (1.9.19 fixes)1.9.20
  00087733Database MySQLmajorresolved (fman)2020-01-02DB Access Error1.9.19.01 (1.9.19 fixes)1.9.20
  0008779 Security - Generalmajorresolved (fman)2020-01-02User password storage method (MD5) is weak1.9.19 (2019 Q1)1.9.20
  00088032Reportsmajorresolved (fman)2020-01-02Test results frame empty PHP (2018 Q1) (1.9.19 fixes)
  00088326Users and Rightsblockresolved (fman)2020-01-02Users/Roles menu not working1.9.19.01 (1.9.19 fixes)1.9.20
  00087862Requirement Attachmentstrivialresolved (fman)2020-01-01Import / export Requirements attachments in xml does not work1.9.20
  00087922Req Overviewmajorresolved (fman)2020-01-01Tl 1.9.20 (dev) >> Requirement overview >> Custom field content displayed in wrong column1.9.20
  0008693 Database Postgresminorresolved (fman)2020-01-01postgresql db installation reports syntax error in testlink_create_udf0.sql - none standard comment sign1.9.19 (2019 Q1)1.9.20
  00086927Internal issuecrashresolved (fman)2020-01-01(github code) - corrupt platform sql queries blocks gui with DB Access Error1.9.20
  0008835 Security - Generalmajorresolved (fman)2020-01-01Change password encryption method for DB managed password1.9.19.01 (1.9.19 fixes)1.9.20
  00088083Security - XSSmajorresolved (fman)2020-01-01TestLink v1.9.19.1 - Bypass security fix for XSS at index.php1.9.19.01 (1.9.19 fixes)1.9.20
  0008670110 - User too Lazy to analize defined categoriesmajorresolved (fman)2019-12-31Full text search - DB Access Error - Data too long for column 'Dirty'1.9.19 (2019 Q1)1.9.20
  00088347Event Signalsfeature requestresolved (fman)2019-12-31events for requirements missing1.9.19 (2019 Q1)1.9.20
  00087853Test Specification - Move/Copy Test Casesminorresolved (fman)2019-12-28PHP Fatal error: Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function moveTestCases()1.9.20
  00087912Test Executecrashresolved (fman)2019-12-28Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method testcase::get_scripts_for_testcase() in C:\xampp\htdocs\testlink\lib\execu1.9.19 (2019 Q1)1.9.20
  00087971Installermajorresolved (fman)2019-12-28Installer does not grant the TestLink user permissions to access the TestLink database1.9.19.01 (1.9.19 fixes) (1.9.19 fixes)
  000873312Installerblockresolved (fman)2019-12-28Database error on installation.1.9.19 (2019 Q1) (1.9.19 fixes)
  00088232Test Spec. - Test Case Table Viewmajorresolved (fman)2019-12-28Getting Error after clicking Sort by External ID symbol/button.1.9.19 (2019 Q1) (1.9.19 fixes)
  00084085Installerminorresolved (fman)2019-12-24DB Access Error - debug_print_backtrace() OUTPUT START1.9.18 (2018 Q3)
  0008820 User Interface Customizationminorresolved (fman)2019-12-17Incorrect Spelling in Deactivate this version button on test case screen.1.9.19 (2019 Q1)1.9.20
  00087887Test Specificationblockresolved (fman)2019-10-29Can't create new Test Case - DB Acess Error1.9.19.01 (1.9.19 fixes)
  00084001Test Specificationfeature requestresolved (fman)2019-10-10Data Management inside Test Case STEPS, using some sort of place holder, getting value from test case summary/preconditions1.9.17 (2018 Q1)1.9.19 (2019 Q1)
  00087763Test Plan Managementblockresolved (fman)2019-10-03Unalble to create Test Plan1.9.19 (2019 Q1) (1.9.19 fixes)
  00087714User Interface Layoutmajorresolved (fman)2019-10-03When logging only a part of the content is show.1.9.17 (2018 Q1)
  00087722Import results XML formatmajorresolved (fman)2019-10-01Not able to upload XML test case of 35,500 KB
  000876813Users and Rightsminorresolved (fman)2019-09-25Can't assign right Test Plan - > Update Linked Test Case Versions1.9.19 (2019 Q1)
   00087706Available Fixesminorresolved (fman)2019-09-23Uknown PHP sprtinf called1.9.19 (2019 Q1) (1.9.19 fixes)
  00087672Test Executemajorresolved (fman)2019-09-18Error while accessing "Test Execution" Tab in testlink
  00087423Bug Tracking System - JIRA Integrationmajorresolved (fman)2019-09-170008689: Jira (Interface: rest) "Test Connection KO" in 1.9.19 (Metonic) version.1.9.19 (2019 Q1)
  00087634Users and Rightsmajorresolved (fman)2019-09-14User Management - Assign Test Project roles / Test Plan roles not working1.9.19 (2019 Q1) (1.9.19 fixes)
  00087574API - XMLRPCmajorresolved (fman)2019-09-06API - XMLRPC -Unable to update test case name with long UTF-8 string1.9.18 (2018 Q3)1.9.20
  00087542Event Signalsminorresolved (fman)2019-09-03Warning in event "E_NOTICE Undefined variable: whereAdd"1.9.19 (2019 Q1)1.9.20
  000874113Bug Tracking System - JIRA Integrationmajorresolved (fman)2019-08-15Not able to add Bug from Testlink to JIRA1.9.19 (2019 Q1)1.9.20
  000873913Filtersminorresolved (fman)2019-08-14Test Specification - Filter by Keyword - malfunction with parentheses1.9.19 (2019 Q1)1.9.20
  00084737Test Specification Importmajorresolved (fman)2019-08-13HTTP 500 error displayed on importing xml1.9.18 (2018 Q3)1.9.19 (2019 Q1)
  00087382Bug Tracking Systems Integrationminorresolved (fman)2019-08-09TestLink 1.9.17 - problem when upgrading XAMPP1.9.17 (2018 Q1)
  00086552Rolesfeature requestresolved (fman)2019-08-06new right to allow add/remove keywords from executed test case versions1.9.19 (2019 Q1)1.9.20
  00086672Test Executeminorresolved (fman)2019-07-30Possibility to use several different logic to compute test case exec status counters (present on tree)1.9.19 (2019 Q1)1.9.20
  00085566Test Spec / Test Suite HTML Reportmajorresolved (fman)2019-07-30''DB Access Error'', when clicked on "Test Suite Document (HTML) on New Window''1.9.19 (2019 Q1)1.9.20
  00087199Test Plan (builds, milestones, test assign)minorresolved (fman)2019-07-29DB Access Error in case (optional) Milestone start date is empty
  0008727 Test Executefeature requestresolved (fman)2019-07-24Test Case Execution - config option for default value for Assign Task checkbox1.9.19.01 (1.9.19 fixes)1.9.20
  00085028Test Cases Assigned to Meminorresolved (fman)2019-07-24Delete testcase version1.9.18 (2018 Q3)1.9.20
  00087222Bug Tracking System - JIRA Integrationmajorresolved (fman)2019-07-18Jira integration failed suddenly1.9.17 (2018 Q1)
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