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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryProduct VersionFixed in Version
  00070978LDAP authenticationblockclosed (fman)2015-09-19Can't login to TestLink when using strong passwords (len > 32) in LDAP1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00070968Bug Tracking System - Redmine Integrationmajorclosed (fman)2015-09-19Issue creation in Redmine is not working1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00070867Assign Test Case Executionmajorclosed (fman)2015-09-19Feature for assigning test cases to multiple users1.9.12 (2014 Q3)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00070822Bug Tracking System - JIRA Integrationmajorclosed (fman)2015-09-19Jira Rest - Connection check - added get project data as MANDATORY CONDITION1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00070812Bug Tracking System - JIRA Integrationmajorclosed (fman)2015-09-19Jira Rest Integration - Better check on mandatory config parameter (projectKey)1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00070793Test Specificationminorclosed (fman)2015-09-19Test suite document shows Last Result as not run for test cases witch has been executed1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00070732Assign Test Case Executionfeature requestclosed (fman)2015-09-19Assign Test Case Exec - tester combo multiselect1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00070723Assign Test Case Executionfeature requestclosed (fman)2015-09-19Allow multiselect testers in the bulk testcase assignment dropdown list1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00070671Test Plan - Add/Remove Test Casesfeature requestclosed (fman)2015-09-19Add/Remove Test Cases - Advanced Filters do nothing1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00070601Test Plan - Add/Remove Test Casesfeature requestclosed (fman)2015-09-19Add / Remove Test Cases - Multiselection of Importance1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00070562Bug Tracking System - JIRA Integrationmajorclosed (fman)2015-09-19JIRA REST API - No bug is created after clicking on Save button.1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00070502Bug Tracking System - JIRA Integrationfeature requestclosed (fman)2015-09-19JIRA REST - Possibility to specify custom fields on XML configuration1.9.12 (2014 Q3)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00069973Test Specification - Move/Copy Test Casesfeature requestclosed (fman)2015-09-19Copy TestSuite: add a checkbox to copy or not assigned requirement1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00069964Test Specification - Move/Copy Test Casesminorclosed (fman)2015-09-19Copy Test Suite: can't keep Assigned Requirement1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  000695510Rolesmajorclosed (fman)2015-09-19affecting a role on a project make you lose your own role (Pagination enabled)1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00069432Bug Tracking System - JIRA Integrationminorclosed (fman)2015-09-19No message showing issue is created successfully or not when clicking "save" in "create issue" page1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00069383Build Managementfeature requestclosed (fman)2015-09-19Create Build from existent one - copy tester assignment filtering by execution status1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  000266415Generalminorclosed (fman)2015-09-19FEATURE DEACTIVATE ALL VERSIONS (It should not be possible to add older versions of inactive testcases to testplan) (2015 Q3)
  00071123Test Executeminorclosed (fman)2015-09-19Test Case with multiple users assigned is not able to be executed.BY USERS WITH TESTER ROLE1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00071113Test Spec. - Search Test Casesmajorclosed (fman)2015-09-19Test Specification Filter for "Status" and "Importance" is broken1.9.14 (2015 Q3)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00071103Filters - Test Specificationmajorclosed (fman)2015-09-19Test specification - Filter Status shows test cases whose status is different than the selected1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00071063Export/Importminorclosed (fman)2015-09-19Import TestPlan has to follow same logic than GUI (OBSOLETE STATUS issue)1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00070854Reportsminorclosed (fman)2015-09-19"Results by Tester per Build" - "Execution time" becomes 00:00 when total time exceed 1000 minutes1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00070847Test Plan (builds, milestones, test assign)feature requestclosed (fman)2015-09-19While creating a new build in a Test Plan, only 'Not Run' test cases of the previous build should be associated with this build1.9.12 (2014 Q3)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00018931API - XMLRPCminorclosed (fman)2015-09-19Admin should be able to e-mail users their API key1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  000142210API - XMLRPCfeature requestclosed (fman)2015-09-19Generate user API Key by admin1.9.11 (2014 Q2 - bug fixing)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  000714810Test Specificationfeature requestclosed (fman)2015-09-19TestLink doesn't show Execution History for test cases if those are the part of inactive test plans1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00071312Reportsfeature requestclosed (fman)2015-09-19Test Results Flat (ONLY Spreadsheet format) - to allow further processing by user1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00071268Reportsminorclosed (fman)2015-09-19Test report on SPECIFIC build displays wrong execution time1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00071235Build Managementmajorclosed (fman)2015-09-19User with build management able to delete builds (and thus test case execution) without Delete execution rights1.9.11 (2014 Q2 - bug fixing)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00046694Test Project Managementmajorclosed (fman)2015-09-19Requirement / TestCase relationship broken when a new project is created from an existing one (1.9.3)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00071841Test Execute - Step notes & resultfeature requestclosed (fman)2015-09-19Test Execute - config options to hide/show input for file upload FOR TEST STEP1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00071831Test Executefeature requestclosed (fman)2015-09-19Test Execute - config options to hide/show input for execution duration1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00071777Test Specification Importminorclosed (fman)2015-09-19LATEST GITHUB CODE - Already executed test case can't be edit by import a modified xml-file1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00071743Users and Rightsmajorclosed (fman)2015-09-19Users assinged "guest" for a particular Test Project have rights to assign user roles even with rights disabled1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00071736Reports - Test report matrixminorclosed (fman)2015-09-19Test report matrix - export to spreadsheet stopped working1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00071711Generalminorclosed (fman)2015-09-19Pagination via JQuery DataTables - added pagination length config option1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00071701Test Plan Managementfeature requestclosed (fman)2015-09-19Test plan table - add pagination1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00071687Assign Test Case Executionminorclosed (fman)2015-09-19Tester can set test cases on Test Case Assignement Overview page without permission1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00071594Database Generalmajorclosed (fman)2015-09-19Projects disappeared1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00071523Test Spec. - Search Test Casesminorclosed (fman)2015-09-19Test case search accessed by magnifying glass - Search gives no result1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00071509Test Plan (builds, milestones, test assign)minorclosed (fman)2015-09-19Copying builds without release date fails (POSTGRES)1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00071465Test Executefeature requestclosed (fman)2015-09-19Possibility to access Specific Execution Information in Print (Read Only) Mode1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00071459New Featurefeature requestclosed (fman)2015-09-19direct link to test execution results page1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00071444New Featurefeature requestclosed (fman)2015-09-19provide a link from mantis issue back to testlink execution results page1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00071423Requirement Managementmajorclosed (fman)2015-09-19Requirement relations are missing when creating new testproject based on existent one1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  000713013Reports - Test report matrixcrashclosed (fman)2015-09-19In a certain test campaign, test report matrix ends up in a php error.1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00071272Reportsfeature requestclosed (fman)2015-09-19Possibility to include only assigned testcases in "Test report on build"1.9.13 (2015 #1)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00070255Database MySQLmajorclosed (fman)2015-09-19Execution history is slow because of attachments comparison1.9.12 (2014 Q3)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00069154Test Plan - Add/Remove Test Casesmajorclosed (fman)2015-09-19Searching by keywork is not working in Add/Remove Test case option1.9.12 (2014 Q3)1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
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