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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryProduct VersionFixed in Version
  00078041Database MySQLcrashclosed (fman)2017-01-14I can`t add new test plan1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00078111Export/Importminorclosed (fman)2017-01-12Import TestCase - Import test case version 1.8.5 for (2015 Q4)
  0007807 User Interface Generalfeature requestnew2017-01-06Upgrade to lastest 3.1.30 smarty
  00077487GUImajorclosed (fman)2017-01-06The system not showing the test cases and test execution gui1.9.15 (2015 Q4)
  00077249Database MySQLmajorclosed (fman)2017-01-06DB Access Error - debug_print_backtrace() OUTPUT START1.9.15 (2015 Q4)
  00077583Bug Tracking System - JIRA Integrationfeature requestnew2017-01-02Jira integration with OAuth1.9.15 (2015 Q4)
  00060551LDAP authenticationmajorclosed (fman)2016-12-28Regarding Multiple LDAP confiiguration in TestLink1.9.8 (2013 Q3 - bug fixing)1.9.16 (2016 Q4)
  0006383 Test Project Managementcrashclosed (fman)2016-12-28The 'Create a new project' page crahes after clicking 'Cancel' button1.9.10 (2014 Q1 - bug fixing)1.9.16 (2016 Q4)
  00064204Test Plan Managementfeature requestclosed (fman)2016-12-28Change the importance of a TC after it's creation
  00066813Test Specification - Move/Copy Test Casesmajorclosed (fman)2016-12-28Not able to move testsuite to a different Test project1.9.12 (2014 Q3)
  00074998API - XMLRPCmajorclosed (fman)2016-12-28updateTestCase does not do anything1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00077961GUIminorclosed (fman)2016-12-27Code block appearing on test run page1.9.15 (2015 Q4)1.9.16 (2016 Q4)
  0007797 Chartsminornew2016-12-27The legend of the Graphics are surpassing the width of the screen1.9.15 (2015 Q4)
  0007795 GUIminornew2016-12-26Errors on the Chrome Console Prototype.js1.9.15 (2015 Q4)
  000742011Reports - Test Report on Buildfeature requestclosed (fman)2016-12-26Unable to generate report on Build (not crash but a feature request)
  00077322Bug Tracking System - Redmine Integrationminorclosed (fman)2016-12-26trying to integrate redmine with testlink
  00077514Filters - Test Specificationmajorclosed (fman)2016-12-26Exports all the test cases even after filtering from test specification
  00077636Database MySQLcrashclosed (fman)2016-12-26Problem in testlink 1.9.3 features
  00071663API - XMLRPCminorclosed (fman)2016-12-24Integration of Java api fails to report the Test Case Result in Testlink1.9.13 (2015 #1)
  0007764 Bug Tracking System - JIRA Integrationmajorclosed (fman)2016-12-24Jira integration create issue redirection to Jira URL1.9.15 (2015 Q4)
  00077424Third party componentsmajorclosed (fman)2016-12-24Gmail integration - Failed to config TestLink in order to send email notification via Gmail SMTP1.9.15 (2015 Q4)
  00077662API - RESTmajorclosed (fman)2016-12-24Jira integration create issue redirection to Jira URL1.9.15 (2015 Q4)
  00077672Filters - Test Specificationminorclosed (fman)2016-12-24Testsuite d8ba8cfb-ca92-4fa5-83c2-551977d405fb (REMOVEME) while filtering1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00077681Internal issueminorclosed (fman)2016-12-22Static variables in recursive function1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00077762Bug Tracking System - JIRA Integrationminorclosed (fman)2016-12-22jira integration - connection is KO1.9.15 (2015 Q4)
  00077622Assign Test Case Executionfeature requestclosed (fman)2016-12-22Take over Testcase assignement from a different build1.9.15 (2015 Q4)
  00077923Test Execute - Export Test Planminorclosed (fman)2016-12-21Problems downloading files - Test execute1.9.15 (2015 Q4)
   00077903Reports - Test report matrixtextassigned (fman)2016-12-19Query Metrics working for (2015 Q4)
  00077705Test Executemajorclosed (fman)2016-12-19No IHM to execute test cases1.9.15 (2015 Q4)
  00069185Bug Tracking System - JIRA Integrationmajorclosed (fman)2016-12-19After the integration with JIRA-SOAP, random hanging behavior of testlink is seen1.9.12 (2014 Q3)
  00077891Test Plan (builds, milestones, test assign)majorclosed (fman)2016-12-17Milestones table missing from testlink 1.9.15 database.1.9.15 (2015 Q4)
  0007788 Test Spec. - Search Test Casesfeature requestnew2016-12-15Please provide a feature to see the change history for test case
  0007787 Usabilityfeature requestnew2016-12-14Remember size of columns1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00077792Bug Tracking System - Mantis Integrationmajorassigned (fman)2016-12-12Mantis SOAP connection doesn't work anymore with newest version1.9.15 (2015 Q4)
  000306214Test Specificationfeature requestfeedback (Eloff)2016-12-12Add a prompt if user attempts to add a save a TC with the same name as another with in a TS1.8.5 (bug fixing)
  00077825Usabilityminorassigned (fman)2016-12-11The debug information on Test Results is always open in IE111.9.15 (2015 Q4)
  00077201Internal issueminorfeedback (fman)2016-12-11PHP Warning in logger class1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00077756majorclosed (fman)2016-12-07when I send email to user, the error, "certificate verify failed", occurred1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00077444Pluginsmajorclosed (fman)2016-12-06Problem with phpmailer mail excepted1.9.15 (2015 Q4)
  00077592Internal issuemajorclosed (fman)2016-12-06SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host1.9.15 (2015 Q4)
  00077142Bug Tracking System - Redmine Integrationminorclosed (fman)2016-12-06failure to report issue1.9.15 (2015 Q4)1.9.16 (2016 Q4)
  00077314GUIblockclosed (fman)2016-11-26Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'SmartyCompilerException' with message 'Syntax Error in template"1.9.15 (2015 Q4)
  000775420 - User too Lazy to analize defined categoriestrivialfeedback2016-11-26Unable to assign multiple test cases to user.1.9.15 (2015 Q4)
  00077532New Featurefeature requestnew2016-11-23Add new `Test Suite Operation` - Create reference to Test Suite
  000773910User Interface Customizationmajorclosed (fman)2016-11-21Option to disable stepwise execution in testlink1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00077471Test Executetweakclosed (fman)2016-11-19Debugging code in lib/execute/execSetResults.php1.9.15 (2015 Q4)
  00077491Generalfeature requestclosed (fman)2016-11-19Copy/paste of testsuites1.9.14 (2015 Q3)
  00077182Test Specification Importminorclosed (fman)2016-11-19unable to select more than 200 test cases to add
  00077042Test Specification Importmajorclosed (fman)2016-11-19can't import test suite of 0001202:0002700 cases1.9.15 (2015 Q4)
  00077032Assign Test Case Executionmajorclosed (fman)2016-11-19adding cases to platforms is not successful for all cases1.9.15 (2015 Q4)
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