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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryProduct VersionFixed in Version
  0008846 Available Fixesminorassigned (fman)2020-06-25Availables hot-fixes for 1.9.20 & How To get full fixed package from GitHub1.9.20
  0008558 Available Fixestextassigned (fman)2019-09-04Towards Dashio template [PLATFORM:4454545]1.9.19 (2019 Q1)
  00070421Generaltextnew2016-07-12Guidelines / Tips - How to get help and answers (in self service mode)
  0008958 Reportstrivialnew2020-07-05Need to build a custom report to compare 2 builds1.9.19 (2019 Q1)
  0008957 API - XMLRPCmajornew2020-07-05getProjectPlatforms function doesn't work1.9.20
  00089436Test Specification Exportblockresolved (fman)2020-07-04Test Suite Document (HTML) on New Window and Download Test Suite Document (Pseudo word) functions are not working1.9.19 (2019 Q1)
  00089555API - XMLRPCmajorresolved (fman)2020-07-04createPlatform function doesn't work1.
  00089491API - XMLRPCfeature requestresolved (fman)2020-07-04Restrict the projects/users lists from XML-RPC API1.
  00089392Test Plan - Add/Remove Platformsminorresolved (fman)2020-07-04Can not access Platforms1.
  00089561Test Executecrashfeedback (fman)2020-07-03DB Access Error when clicking on "Execute Tests"1.9.20
  00089543GUImajorresolved (fman)2020-07-02If you select a "folder" in the "Assign Test Case Execution" Page an Array with alot of testcase id's is shown.
  00089532Platforms - importblockfeedback2020-07-01Platform Options are not visible on Add / Remove Platform1.9.20
  00089502Platforms - importminorresolved (fman)2020-07-01Unable to import the exported Platforms from one Project to another1.
  00089521Test Spec / Test Suite Pseudo Word Reportminornew2020-07-01Test Spec/Test suite pseudo word report is not exporting according to applied filters.1.9.20
  00089513Installermajorfeedback2020-07-01When we Install Testlink "testlink-1.9.20" then facing data base Isseus.1.9.20
  00089224Installermajorassigned (fman)2020-06-30Installer won't finish due to DB issues1.9.20
  00089481Test Case Attachmentsminornew2020-06-26Sync JIRA and Testlink1.9.20
  00089476GUImajornew2020-06-25Drag&Drop doesn't work in Test Specification1.9.20
  00089464Test Specification Importmajorresolved (fman)2020-06-25Unable to Import Test Suite (XML format) with quotation symbol included within test suites/test cases1.9.19 (2019 Q1)1.9.20_fixed
  00089424Bug Tracking Systems Integrationfeature requestnew2020-06-25Add integration for Tracking Systems Tuleap1.9.20
  00089444Test Specificationmajorfeedback2020-06-25System takes more than 5 minutes to process creating a new version of an existing test case1.9.19 (2019 Q1)
  000371449Generalcrashresolved (fman)2020-06-25Testlink not usable anymore after cookie size (request header) exceeds server limit1.9 Beta 51.9.20_fixed
  00089402Database MS-SQLmajornew2020-06-25DB Access Error - debug_print_backtrace() OUTPUT START1.9.20
  00089451Test Specificationmajorfeedback2020-06-24When uploaded a file for test case specification, the main window is not reloading with added file details. Once click on the te1.9.19 (2019 Q1)
  00089411Users and Rightsminornew2020-06-22Bug Delete not possible, for user with specific role in test project
  00089381Import results XML formatmajorfeedback2020-06-18Unable to import Test Case results to another project
  000893115Test Spec. - inline imagesminorresolved (fman)2020-06-15TestLink 1.9.20 has csrf, and users can be disabled without the knowledge of the admin administrator1.
  00089373Platforms - importmajorresolved (fman)2020-06-14Add/Remove Platforms to TestPlan not working1.
  00089353Rolesmajorresolved (fman)2020-06-13Assign Test Project roles and Assign Test Plan roles1.
  00089327Database Generalmajorresolved (fman)2020-06-13Search Requirement is listing all the available requirement - Not honoring the input given to the search1.
  00089361Requirement to Test Case Assignmentminorresolved (fman)2020-06-12Available requirements are not proposed when linking a requirement to a testcase1.
  00089256Users and Rightsmajornew2020-06-12Some features are not available even with correct permissions settings1.9.20
  00089333Bug Tracking System - Redmine Integrationfeature requestresolved (fman)2020-06-07testlink redmine integration1.9.20
  00089341Database Postgresminorresolved (fman)2020-06-07connect to database testlink on Host fails1.9.20
  00089301Users and Rightsmajorresolved (fman)2020-06-01Bug Add not possible, for user with specific role in test project1.
  00089242Test Plan - Add/Remove Platformsmajorresolved (fman)2020-06-01Platform assignment not available, for user with specific role in test project1.
  00089291Requirement Managementfeature requestnew2020-06-01Possibility to sort requirement specification alphabetically1.9.19 (2019 Q1)
  00089281Bug Tracking System - JIRA Integrationblockresolved (fman)2020-05-31JIRA CREATE ISSUE -> Reporter is required1.9.20_fixed1.9.20_fixed
  000891037Test Executeblockresolved (fman)2020-05-31JIRA INTEGRATION Enabled - Passed/Failed buttons doesn't perform actions when click on them1.
  00085915User Authentication Methodsfeature requestresolved (fman)2020-05-24OAuth enhancement - microsoft oauth provider1.9.19 (2019 Q1)1.9.20_fixed
  0008926 OAuth2feature requestassigned (fman)2020-05-23Gitlab OAuth2 Authentication1.9.20_fixed
  00089145Bug Tracking System - Mantis Integrationminorresolved (fman)2020-05-20Error adding a mantis bug to a testlink test case1.
  00089232Inventory / Platformsminorresolved (fman)2020-05-19Plaforms still visible even if we don't have required permission1.
  00089212Inventory / Platformsmajorresolved (fman)2020-05-18Platform creation not available, for user with specific role in test project1.
  00089186Bug Tracking Systems Integrationminorresolved (fman)2020-05-18The issue created link redirects to a undefined URL1.9.20
  00088553Reports - Test report matrixmajorresolved (fman)2020-05-13BLANK - PAGE - Undefined property: stdClass::$do_action / parameter 'format' is not defined1.
  00088862Rolesmajorresolved (fman)2020-05-13Unable to access Builds and cannot assign execution with Leader Role1.
  00089171Generalminorresolved (fman)2020-05-13Direct link to testcases not opening Navigation tree till testcase level1.9.19 (2019 Q1)
  00089152Documentation (Install, User Manual, help)minorresolved (fman) has invalid link specified for mbug1.
  000886213Requirement to Test Case Assignmentcrashresolved (fman)2020-05-09DB Access Error - error on exec_query()1.9.19 (2019 Q1)1.9.20_fixed
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