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0008686TestLinkReports - Test report matrixpublic2019-06-11 07:022019-06-12 06:23
Assigned Tofman 
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Summary0008686: DB Access Error when clicking on "Test Execution" (Sprocket) in Test Result Matrix
DescriptionDear TestLink Team,

with the latest TestLink version from Git (last commit 909310e81e6732250c2d599a1fa519d5383fbddb), I get a database error when I click on the "Test Execution" Sprocket Symbol in the Test Result Matrix. This happens for *some* of the Test cases, not for all.
it seems errro happens when steps are populated.

Displayed message is:

 DB Access Error - debug_print_backtrace() OUTPUT START

 ATTENTION: Enabling more debug info will produce path disclosure weakness (CWE-200)

            Having this additional Information could be useful for reporting

            issue to development TEAM.


#0 database->exec_query(SELECT tcstep_id,testplan_id,platform_id,build_id,
              FROM execution_tcsteps_wip
              WHERE tcstep_id IN (2499) AND testplan_id = 2374 AND platform_id = 4 AND build_id = 1891, -1) called at [/var/www/html/testlink-1.9.20/lib/functions/database.class.php:637]
#1 database->fetchRowsIntoMap(SELECT tcstep_id,testplan_id,platform_id,build_id,
              FROM execution_tcsteps_wip
              WHERE tcstep_id IN (2499) AND testplan_id = 2374 AND platform_id = 4 AND build_id = 1891, tcstep_id) called at [/var/www/html/testlink-1.9.20/lib/functions/testcase.class.php:9190]
0000002 testcase->getStepsPartialExec(Array ([0] => 2499), stdClass Object ([testplan_id] => 2374,[platform_id] => 4,[build_id] => 1891)) called at [/var/www/html/testlink-1.9.20/lib/execute/execSetResults.php:384]
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Database (MySQL,Postgres,etc)mysql
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heju (reporter)
2019-06-11 07:36

Sorry I have to write this more precisely:

The error occurs in case the test case is populated with test steps.

The test results are present in 1.9.19 database which was migrated to 1.9.20.

With 1.9.19, the display of execution results was ok.
fman (administrator)
2019-06-11 18:03

tested on fresh 1.9.20 unable to reproduce.

can you run the sql in a sql client to get more info?
heju (reporter)
2019-06-12 04:42

I tried to, I got the response:

"table execution_tcsteps_wip' doesn't exist"

I checked, but could not find the table when searching manually in the db.
Was this added recently? Maybe its missing in the alter_table scrips?

There is only a table called execution_tcsteps (no _wip)

But I am no sql expert, maybe I used a bad mysql syntax. Can you please assist me assembling the sql query from the error above, thank you!
fman (administrator)
2019-06-12 05:58

look into the sql provided on 1.9.20 for the sql to create the missing table
heju (reporter)
2019-06-12 06:23

Thanks for the feedback,
now it works.

Sorry to ask again: This change seems missing in the alter_tables for migration from older tl versions, is this by intention?

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