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0000082Testlink 1.6.xReports, Metrics, Export and Printpublic2005-09-05 12:192005-12-10 09:30
Assigned Tofman 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version1.5.1 
Fixed in Version1.6.0 
Summary0000082: Test reports and metrics -> Blocked test cases, guest mode links to wrong testcases
DescriptionFor a test plan I've got some test cases that are blocked.

Under my normal user (admin) clicking the test case in the blocked test case report opens up the correct test case. The link points to here ".../testlink/lib/execute/execSetResults.php?keyword=All&level=testcase&owner=All&build=1&id=76"

However if I now log in as a guest (which is what I want anyone who's interested in the test case results to do) the link now links to the wrong test case. The link points to here ".../testlink/lib/testcases/archiveData.php?edit=testcase&data=76".
I would expect the guest rights to let you view the correct test case from the blocked report (and actually let you see all the test cases in the test report view too as that would be handy).
Additional InformationI could have mucked things up by removing some test cases from the test plan but I didn't think I'd done this on any test cases that I'd run.
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scorpfromhell (reporter)
2005-11-08 15:16
edited on: 2005-11-08 15:18

The same also happens for Failed Test Cases.

We have given our developers guest access so that they can view the failed / blocked test cases and work on them. But the test case shown is a different one than that shown for the testers.

I checked the code and found that in case of testers the SQL is querying the test case ID from the testcase table [/testlink/lib/execute/execSetResults.php - line # 104] whereas for the guest user it is querying from the mgttestcase table [/testlink/lib/testcases/ - line # 64].

Then I check the /testlink/lib/results/resultsByStatus.php which actually shows the failed test cases report and found it calling the function getTCLink [line # 83] which is defined in /testlink/lib/functions/ [line # 105-118].

Here I found that depending upon the execute rights for the user different links are called.

So finally I have narrowed down the culprit being in either the code [getTCLink()] or the sql query in the code [getTestcase()].

Would be greatfull if you could fix it as this is a major defect from a developers' perspective who access testlink to get only the failed/blocked test cases.

System specs: TestLink 1.6.RC2, Mantis 1.0.0rc3 on Windows XP SP2 and Uniform Server 3.2a

fman (administrator)
2005-11-08 15:27

Thanks for your help, I will try to fix it before Friday. (on version 1.6)

fman (administrator)
2005-11-09 08:16

You can get in in SourceForge Last Snapshot

added execShowResults.php
changes in, execSetResults.tpl

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