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0007679TestLink0 - User too Lazy to analize defined categoriespublic2016-09-22 13:382016-10-20 19:07
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Platformtestlink1.9.15 OSOS Version
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Summary0007679: loging page can't view when default is zh_ch
Descriptionplatform :testlink1.9.15
if set
$tlCfg->default_language = 'zh_CN';

the login page can't view
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Database (MySQL,Postgres,etc)5.6.1
PHP Version
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related to 0007667closedfman Fatal error after Testlink upgrade to 1.9.15 - missing plugin_get_current() 
related to 0007708closedfman PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function plugin_get_current() in /var/www/testlink/lib/functions/lang_api.php on line 67 

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derek.m (reporter)
2016-09-23 02:49

Fatal error: Call to undefined function plugin_get_current() in www/testlink/lib/functions/lang_api.php on line 67
fman (administrator)
2016-09-25 10:19

Just an advice,create a test user with english as locale, because this is language I use to develop, then if you can reproduce issue this means that is not related to LOCALE.
Instead you have reported your issue as it is related to locale, and this is misleading
derek.m (reporter)
2016-09-26 02:59

agree with you .thanks a lot .
I modify this issue as bellow . maybe it is not a good method . but ,it works .

 // lang_load call
 $g_lang_strings = array();
ChuckNorrison (reporter)
2016-09-27 12:08
edited on: 2016-09-27 13:00

i can confirm this problem with de_DE. After default_language was set to en_GB and override serverlanguage, the problem disappeared and i can login with Internet Explorer.

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