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0007436TestLinkTest Executepublic2016-02-04 21:062016-02-05 10:33
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Summary0007436: After a period of about 2h testing, session expires and all data is lost
Description- Using TestLink in different project we are facing the fact that during test execution after a time period of about 2h the session expires and all work is lost!

- At least saving the current results is a must to avoid wasting time and money.

- More convenient would be the possibility to save the current execution results.
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Database (MySQL,Postgres,etc)Postgresql
PHP Version5.4.16
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fman (administrator)
2016-02-05 01:36

2 hours without saving results is too much Imho.
Have you tried to change sessio duration
Before start writting about time and mlney wasted?
Imho you need to explore system limit before complain.
Also goid requisite details are needed
( and have been not provided)
NOC (reporter)
2016-02-05 10:24

- Due to our configuration we do not expect a timeout of 2h but 165 h (i.e. 9900 min.)

 * @var integer Set the session timeout for inactivity [minutes].
 * Default high value disables this feature.
$tlCfg->sessionInactivityTimeout = 9900;

 * Set the session timeout value (in minutes).
 * This will prevent sessions timing out after very short periods of time
 * Warning: your server could block this settings

 * Set the session garbage collection timeout value (in seconds)
 * The default session garbage collection in php is set to 1440 seconds (24 minutes)
 * If you want sessions to last longer this must be set to a higher value.
 * You may need to set this in your global php.ini if the settings don't take effect.
//ini_set('session.gc_maxlifetime', 54000);
NOC (reporter)
2016-02-05 10:33
edited on: 2016-02-05 10:33

- During our evaluation of TestLink the effect was not observed. It is a special case we are now facing in real live, where e.g. internal exchange is necessary and test executions might become longer than 2h. Also, tests sometimes must be executed the next day, etc. etc.

- One easy solution could be to show the session duration somewhere in the test execution such that the tester has the possibility to align his work.

- A test execution could contain two buttons: «Save» for saving and closing an execution, «Persist» for persisting the current state. When «Persist» is pressed the current state is saved and the execution can be continued. But also, the user can logout, then login later (e.g. the next working day), navigate to the test execution and open the test again. Since there is a persited and not yet finished test execution, this one is loaded and can be finished.

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