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0007320TestLinkTest Execute - Navigatorpublic2015-11-02 14:392015-11-19 16:33
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Product Version1.9.14 (2015 Q3) 
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Summary0007320: SLow Execution tree construction

Currently, I use Testlink in the 1.9.9 version, and in this version, the execution tree construction is slow (about 1 min to refresh the tree).

I've seen that this sort of problem might be resolved in the 1.9.14 version (cf the report n°6390)

I've installed this version on a new serveur -> always the same slow execution tree construction.

I transferred the database to a SQL Server -> better but not enough

I ask you for new ideas.
I've seen the Jasmeet post in the report n°6390. I've not succeed in the installation of all his new files. Can he post me an explication of his méthod ?

Thanck for your help
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fman (administrator)
2015-11-02 16:58

only option is to have a dump of your db to do local tests
fman (administrator)
2015-11-02 17:07

if you want indications on 6390 you need to contact user not dev team
fman (administrator)
2015-11-02 17:16

>> Currently, I use Testlink in the 1.9.9 version, and in this version, the >>execution tree construction is slow (about 1 min to refresh the tree).

lot of info is missing, how many test projects, how many test plans, how many test cases, how many executions, etc
BtTest (reporter)
2015-11-03 15:17

Hi fman,

More informations of my problem:
 - New installation
    * 1 test project
    * 26 000 test cases
    * 10 seconds to open the test specification tree
    * 1 test plan
    * 170 test cases in the test plan (for my first test but the number of test cases in the test plan don't change the opening duration)
    * 65 seconds to open the execute tests tree

Tks for your comments
fman (administrator)
2015-11-03 15:32

Only way to try to help is having your db
BtTest (reporter)
2015-11-04 14:45


We worked on our Testlink database and the opening duration the execution tree is now about 20 seconds !

What we done:
 - make a backup of the database
 - create a new empty database and restore the backup
 Now, the opening falled down to 20s

We searched reasons of the difference between the two database and we discovered an possible optimization in the database tables with the OPTIMIZE sql command

1st command to have the optimization script:

SET SESSION group_concat_max_len = 99999999;
AND table_name!='dual'
AND TABLE_SCHEMA = 'testlink'

2nd command, execute the answer of the first one:

OPTIMIZE TABLE `assignment_status`;OPTIMIZE TABLE `assignment_types`;......

I join my anonymized database to this post for performance testing.

Do you think that this performance can be even better ?
fman (administrator)
2015-11-04 16:37

Great! I would like to know how you have designed this solution

>>Do you think that this performance can be even better ?
do not know
BtTest (reporter)
2015-11-19 16:33

Sorry for the delay ...

We learned this solution in differents posts on other forums.


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