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0000718TestLinkNew Featurepublic2007-03-06 17:432012-06-04 22:09
Assigned Tofman 
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Summary0000718: New way to add expected results
DescriptionCurrently, users put the expected results in a text field. It happens that for one testcase there are several results to be examined... for quite some testcases it does not make sense to enter or copy the very same test case like 15 times because there ate 15 results to be tested.
I would prefer sort of redesign at this point: Instead of one big text field for the results there might be a button "add expected results" or something and each result is added in a new line.
While executing the test plan, each expected result should be inspected seperately.
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child of 0001310closedfman [multiple steps] - Multiple test steps and expected results 

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fman (administrator)
2007-03-06 18:22

Big modification, may be in future releases. Need to be discussed by development team
halperinko (reporter)
2007-11-09 01:48

While consideering this, note that not all test cases use this basic format of steps.
1. some test cases require to set Accuracy field per expected result.
2. test steps differ in type / role, some are setup steps, some are stimuli, so I suggest to add a selection box for the type of step.
3. it is useful to add a checkbox, indicating if results should be recorded per that step (according to it's role as in 0000002 above).
Best is to allow user to select TC format, based on common set of available fields.
fman (administrator)
2007-11-09 01:52

Having this kind of highly configuration, requires a lot of work, and never we will be able to satisfy all users views.

Think we will work, on step by step basis, to add this feature.
mhavlat (reporter)
2009-05-14 14:51

Added relation to step-by-step format.
wferrarini (reporter)
2009-06-17 02:12

I can see where you might want this modification if you intend to report seperately on each expected result. We have many test cases that have several Expected Results but we treat them as one test case. If one validation fails the entire test case fails.

For formatting I use bullets to maintain proper spacing between each expected result.

Just my two cents!

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