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0006118TestLinkTest Execute - Filterspublic2013-12-30 11:542014-12-08 11:32
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PrioritynoneSeverityfeature requestReproducibilityN/A
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Product Version1.9.9 (2013 Q4 - bug fixing) 
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Summary0006118: Filter by "bug" when execute tests (builds)

You are executing the tests of one specific build. Some of these tests fails and you open a bug for each one (the bug blocks some other related testcases)

In a next build, there are some bugfixes (not all bugs are solved, only some) and you want to re-execute only the tests.

The tester needs to know which testecase is affected by a particular bug. For example, if in testlink there are 1 testcase failed with a bug linked (redmine integration for example) and 3 testcases blocked by this bug, the tester needs to execute,in a new build, only the testcases affected by the bug fixed.

Solution, feature request:
Filter in the execution by bug (implemented in the request 0006112, but this feature affects only to the build that the tester is executing) but filtering by build, like in the result filter
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fman (administrator)
2013-12-30 14:06
edited on: 2013-12-30 14:09

As already stated on 0006112, a good requirement was needed, and no feedback was provided.
Then an implementation was done, and no feedback was received.
Now after work is done, a new request is done, with again a subject far from clear.
Now I suppose you can read again the simple solution you have provided, and see that you have not consider BUILD in anyway.

h2oh3o (reporter)
2013-12-30 14:20

About feedback of 0006112, i will do it in it (im dont know if "notes" are the best place to do it)

About "subject far from clear", i tried to explain with details in "Description" field.

The solution i`ve provided is in the image attached, and is explained in description: filter by bug+build

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