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0004727TestLinkTest Specificationpublic2011-08-31 12:452012-12-07 12:32
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Product Version1.9.3 (2011 Q3 - bug fixing) 
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Summary0004727: Add Config Option to only enter test case step edit mode by clicking step number (allows copy/paste of other steps)
DescriptionRight now it is only possible to enter edit mode of an existing step by clicking the hyperlink on "Step actions" or "Expected results"

This prevents from copying text. For me it seems more usable to only allow to enter step edit mode by clicking step number, but current behaviour should be preserverd -> config parameter

-> needs to be changed for horizontal and vertical layout.
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Attached Filespng file icon edit_step_via_icon.png [^] (29,652 bytes) 2011-08-31 12:50

zip file icon Ticket [^] (46,337 bytes) 2011-08-31 12:50

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Julian (reporter)
2011-08-31 12:51

Reminder sent to: fman

Please check the change.
I really would like to change the behaviour a little here.
fman (administrator)
2011-08-31 18:08
edited on: 2011-08-31 18:10

I'm sorry but i do not want this kind of behaivour, do not want more icons that needed => I reject, please do not implement this.
I hate interfaces with lot of icons, that's why I removed the pencil icon and do not want it again.
hope you will understand and accept my decision.

Julian (reporter)
2011-08-31 21:19

I will make the whole cell where step number is in clickable.

Do you want me to preserve current behaviour as config option -> clickable row

Will remove all edit icons.

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2011-08-31 12:45 Julian New Issue
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2011-09-01 07:35 Julian Summary Enter step edit mode by clicking an icon instead of text hyperlink to allow copy/paste of other steps => Add Config Option to only enter test case step edit mode by clicking step number (allows copy/paste of other steps)
2011-09-01 07:35 Julian Description Updated View Revisions
2012-11-24 07:28 Julian Assigned To Julian => asimon
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