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0004016TestLinkTest Plan (builds, milestones, test assign)public2010-11-14 10:112012-07-28 15:26
Assigned Tofman 
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Product Version1.9 RC 1 
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Summary0004016: Test Plan COPY AS - Add logic to FORCE some OPTIONS no matter user choice
Description1. Options 'Copy Assigned to' AND 'Copy Builds'
Test Case Assignment to users is done at BUILD LEVEL => is user Choose COPY AS with copy of Assignment - SYSTEM NEED TO COPY also BUILDS => AT user interface COPY BUILD HAS TO BE FORCE SET and DISABLE => user can not UNCHECK.
A feedback is needed on SCREEN.

2. Options 'Copy Test Cases' AND 'Copy Platforms'
Because Test Case linking to test plan is done also using platform (if any exists), the simple and effective way to work (instead of do controls on target test plan to understand what platforms to copy because really used on test cases linked) is :
When user Choose 'Copy Test Cases' -> System will set (in similar way as described for Copy Assign To and Copy Builds) 'Copy Platforms' Without given option to user to UNCHECK it

Some other reasoning has to be done regarding Copy Assigned to, and effects on Copy Roles and new issues regarding PUBLIC and PRIVATE test plans
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related to 0003847closedfman TL-34 Create plan as copy copies options not specified 

-  Notes
fman (administrator)
2010-11-14 10:59

Priorities are saved on testplan_tcversions => you can not copy priorities if you do not select also Copy Test Cases.
Then we need to work also on this
fman (administrator)
2010-11-14 11:01

Reminder sent to: Julian

This has become a mess, may be is time to rethink what are the options that REALLY, has a sense to be allowed to be choosen by users.

To much options that have tight interaction among it, means:
- User confusion (work on documentation)
- Lot of work to be done on development side, for something that has not a high value (at least IMHO)
Julian (reporter)
2011-06-09 09:56

will attach a mockup of improved UI to make things clearer soon

-> effort should be low
Julian (reporter)
2011-06-09 10:04

This will make clear which entities belong to each other:

1. You have the choice to updated added test cases to newest version or keep currently linked version
2. platform links and priorities belong to added test cases.

3. if you want to copy assignments builds have to be copied to
Julian (reporter)
2011-06-09 10:46

Copy platform links should be removed as this must be implicitly done when copying added test cases.

Better would be to rename label "Copy added Test Cases" to "Copy added Test Cases for all Platforms" (if platforms used). If no platforms are used stick with "Copy added Test Cases"
Julian (reporter)
2011-06-16 22:18

Reminder sent to: fman

Please let me know what you think about my proposal.
fman (administrator)
2011-06-19 07:55

Would you mind to post a new screen mockup that is in line with your note 15203 ?
Think will be ok.
Julian (reporter)
2011-06-21 10:18

updated mockup.

- priority replaced with urgency.
- removed copy platform links
- improved text to be more clear
Julian (reporter)
2011-07-18 15:41

Assigned to fman as he started to commit some work.

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