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0003554TestLinkKeywordspublic2010-06-28 16:382012-09-01 19:59
Assigned Tofman 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version1.8.2 
Fixed in Version1.9.4 (2012 Q3 - bug fixing) 
Summary0003554: Assigning keywords to a Test Suite assigns all keywords in Assigned listbox
DescriptionAttempting to assign a keyword to a Test Suite. The right-hand listbox shows all keywords which are assigned to the test cases within the suite.

Example TestCase1: keyword_A
        TestCase2: keyword_B
Assigned Keywords shows keyword_A and keyword_B.

When I go to assign a new keyword to all testcases in this suite (keyword_C), now ALL testcases in this suite have ALL keywords. I just wanted to assign the new keyword to the testcases.
Steps To ReproduceHome->Assign Keywords. Select a Test Suite, and the right-hand listbox (Assigned Keywords) shows all keywords which are currently assigned to various testcases within the suite. Select a new keyword from left-hand listbox (Available Keywords), and add it to right listbox, then click Save.
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Database (MySQL,Postgres,etc)
BrowserIE 8
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QA Team - Task Workflow Status
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duplicate of 0005074closedfman Bulk Keyword assignment - All keywords are assigned to the test case instead of the selected keyword 

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fman (administrator)
2010-06-29 17:22

1.8.2 is unsupported, please update to 1.8.5b and retest
tbennett (reporter)
2010-06-29 17:32

ok, I tested in 1.8.5 (is it 'b'? I can't tell). Same behaviour.
fman (administrator)
2010-07-04 15:32
edited on: 2010-07-04 15:40

Solution can be:
Always show right pane empty => use it to assign not also for display what was assigned to test cases.

In this way we loose possibility to remove in bulk mode (i.e. on all contained test cases ) one or more keywords.

May be UI for this case has to be rethinked:
A couple of panels (like the current one):
one for adding keywords (right panel will be initialized empty), and one for
removing (right panel will be initialized as done today).

fman (administrator)
2010-07-04 15:41

Reminder sent to: Julian

please give a look, your opinion is needed.
Julian (reporter)
2010-07-05 09:36

how about only to initalize right panel with keywords present on all test cases in the whole test suite (and sub-suites?).


-TC1 (KW1, KW2, KW3)
-TC2 (KW1, KW4)
-TC3 (KW1, KW3)

-> Assigned Keywords for Suite1: KW1

Example2 (incl sub-suite):

-TC1 (KW1, KW2, KW3)
-TC2 (KW1, KW4)
-TC3 (KW1, KW3)
--TC4 (KW5, KW2)
--TC5 (KW5, KW3)

-> No Assigned Keywords for Suite1
(-> Assigned Keywords for Suite2: KW5)
fman (administrator)
2012-09-01 19:59

1.9.4 released

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