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0003451TestLinkasimon_thesispublic2010-05-11 20:492010-08-31 20:28
Assigned Toasimon 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version1.9 Beta 4 
Fixed in Version1.9 Beta 6 
Summary0003451: In the "Test reports and Metrics" -> "Test report" the "Last Result" is always "Not Run"
DescriptionI created a Test plan and added a Test suite with two test cases. I created two builds and executed the test cases on both of them. But in the report Test Report in the section Test reports and Metrics the Last Result is always Not Run.
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png file icon 3451_exec_01.png [^] (65,174 bytes) 2010-05-24 14:42

png file icon 3451_exec_02.png [^] (43,161 bytes) 2010-05-24 14:43

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duplicate of 0003427closedasimon Query metrics displays invalid data 
related to 0003486closedasimon In the execute page, tree doesn't update when you change "Test Plan" in the "Setting" panel 
has duplicate 0003448closedfman Test Report generates all results as "Not Run" 
related to 0003423acknowledgedfman Test Report show all Testcase of the Test Project, not the selected ones in the tree 

-  Notes
fman (administrator)
2010-05-20 21:32

please use attached fix, retest and give feedback
otto_hsu (reporter)
2010-05-21 10:41

fix-3451 work partially. Please see my attachment for details.(testlink_p3451.jpg)
testlink 1.9(beta4)
fman (administrator)
2010-05-21 12:17
edited on: 2010-05-21 12:18

please is not always true that an image is worth 1000 words, then normally na image is additional info, with textual description been necessary.
Please reload image, it was canceled because there was no info about how to use ot.
Please explain and add image

johny2000uwb (reporter)
2010-05-21 13:10

I'm going to try explain this problem. I have the same problem too. I prepared testcase, add this testcase to testplan.
I run this testcase a set faild.

This test is showed as "Not Run" at this report.
Last Result Not Run

I tried to use your attached fix, but this problem is still exists.
rsteele (reporter)
2010-05-21 13:12

I concur with the previous user, I tried the new patch and all my passed and failed test cases still report as Not Run.
schasez (reporter)
2010-05-21 14:59

Same as 3427 I also opened
fman (administrator)
2010-05-22 07:42

Please use NEW attached fix, retest and let us know.
johny2000uwb (reporter)
2010-05-24 07:56

I tried it, but it not works again.

At the "Test REport" evert TC has Last result as "Not run".
fman (administrator)
2010-05-24 09:21

Reminder sent to: Julian

may I ask you to use fix on 1.9 beta 4 and give me feedback ?
Julian (reporter)
2010-05-24 10:41

does not work for me either.
johny2000uwb (reporter)
2010-05-24 11:46

I tried this fix on 1.9 beta 4 version. It's not work.
Falcon1 (reporter)
2010-05-24 14:42

I have the 1.9 beta 4, and I applied the attached patch. Now the result seems correct, but the information about build/release is totally wrong. I have many projects, test plan and build/release. Sometimes it indicates a build that doesn't exist on that test plan, but on a test plan of another project. So I made many tests and it seems that the first execution has problem.
Here the detail of a user case carried out.
1. Create a new test plan copying from an existing one with one test suite and two test cases.
2. Create two build 2.0.0 and 2.1.0.
3. Execute the test cases: first test case passed and second test cases failed.
4. The execution on the Execute section seems ok.
5. Logout and login.
6. If you go on the Execute section, the result is shown in the attached image 3451_exec_01.png. In the tree the result is correct, but in the main section there is no result.
7. In the report the Last Result is correct but the Build is wrong, as you can see in the attached image 3451_exec_02.png. The build 1.1.0 doesn't exist on that Test Plan.
fman (administrator)
2010-05-24 20:50

I apologize for all these problems, and thanks you a lot for your testing.
I will work on this issue with maximun priority, and will ask you for more patience and more tests when next fix will be ready.

Thanks a lot
Falcon1 (reporter)
2010-05-25 09:20
edited on: 2010-05-25 11:07

I did further investigation about my use case, checking the data saved in the database. I found that although in the Setting section it was selected Test Plan 03 and 2.0.0 in the database the data were saved with another build_id. So the problem was in saving data. I created a new project with new test suite and new test cases and now it seems correct. The results displayed with attached patch will be correct if you choose the entire Test Plan, but if you choose a Test Suite in the tree it will show Not run.
I think the problem is in the left section in the execute page. Although the check box Update tree after every operation is selected, sometimes the tree on the lower left part doesn't update correctly, and it can happen that the information stored in the database is wrong (created 0003486). I did these new tests clicking on the button Apply on section filters every time, with 5 Test plan, executing tests on one or two build, and more that one execution on some build.
ALL the results are correct now, but only if you choose the entire Test Plan. If you choose a Test Suite in the tree, it will show Not run. Moreover, it include all test cases of that Test Suite, including those not associated to that Test Plan.

A note about Test report
I found out that I can generate reports only about the last run for each Test Plan. So if I have two builds, for example 1.0.0 and 1.1.0 and the last execution was done on the 1.1.0, I cannot generate reports about execution on the 1.0.0 build. Moreover, if I execute the test cases again on the build 1.0.0, I will be able to generate reports only on this execution, and won't be able to generate reports about build 1.1.0 or the previous execution on the build 1.0.0.

I hope it is clear.

Belatu-Cadros (reporter)
2010-05-25 20:58


I've applied the fix, here is what I have observed so far...

When the root of the tree is chosen for the test report, all results are reported fine.

If a test suite is chosen from the tree for the test report, all results are reported as "Not Run"
johny2000uwb (reporter)
2010-05-31 08:12

I agree with Belatu-Cadros. I have the same behavior.
skilletaudio (reporter)
2010-06-02 00:32


Additional feedback on the recent fix:

I have applied, created a new test plan, assigned platforms A,B,C to the plan. Assigned test case X to the test plan for platforms A,B,C.

I executed test case X, specifying platform A. I generated the test report by clicking on the root of the tree (As indicated by other reporters).

The generated report shows the result of the test, but the result for test case X on platform A is also reported as the test result for test case X on platforms B and C, even though I haven't executed the test case for those platforms yet.
penkosel (reporter)
2010-06-18 16:11

Is there an update on this issue? I can't continue to use a tool that reports results incorrectly. We're nearing the end of a pilot phase and I'm having to tell our evaluators that the tool is great - except we can't get correct metrics out of it.

This goes over like a lead balloon in test circles.
fman (administrator)
2010-06-18 16:53

Dev team is working on this, and expect to have a fix in one or two weeks, because a big refactoring on filtering is near the end phase, and have impacts on this.
ktharp (reporter)
2010-07-15 23:36

I have installed the 1.9 Beta 5 and am still having the issues mentioned here. The duplicate 3448 shows as being repaired in beta 5, but I am still showing all test cases as not run when attempting to get any kind (HTML, word...) of Test Report.
asimon (developer)
2010-07-23 10:10

I finally found the error causing the "not run" results on every test report.
It is fixed in CVS now, please retest with next public beta and feel free to reopen issue if the bug should still persist.
fman (administrator)
2010-08-31 20:28

Release BETA 6 - 20100831

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