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0002950TestLinkAPI - XMLRPCpublic2009-11-11 06:042010-05-01 20:34
Assigned Tofman 
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Product Version1.8.4 
Fixed in Version1.9 Beta 2 
Summary0002950: TL API functions only seem to work with PHP client and not any other clients
DescriptionHello all

Is this a feature or a bug? When I pass the same argumentvalues to reportTCResult or any other function it seems to work using PHP but if I try other languages I get error messages or different response. Except the sayHello method I haven't got any other method working of the API with other language clients. let me know if there is anything in the TL API code which stops it from using other programming language clients.

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fman (administrator)
2009-11-11 18:08

API wokr with every client written using last API spec.
I will only maintain PHP examples.
abadve (reporter)
2009-11-12 09:07

ok thanks but then when I use the same testcaseid and all the same arguments in my function call
reportTCResult client in PHP returns the below array
Test - Call with valid parameters: testPlanID,testCaseExternalID,buildName
    [0] => Array
            [status] => 1
            [id] => 8
            [message] => Success!
            [operation] => reportTCResult


and my Lua client example returns
message "No Test Case ID (internal id) provided".

Any clues what might be happening.
fman (administrator)
2009-11-12 14:31

Sorry no idea, you need to start adding debug on PHP part
abadve (reporter)
2009-11-13 10:08

Thanks for pointing me to documentation and examples. I have managed to debug my Lua client using PHP code and trying it out. It is working now.
fman (administrator)
2009-11-13 14:12

Great!, now that you can solve your problems would you mid to contribute your code to be added in next releases as new examples in different language, to help community ?
just upload here in zip or tgz format
abadve (reporter)
2009-11-14 06:36

I will be more than happy to contribute.For sample examples in other languages you have provided only one function as an example reportTC result. Do you want me to provide a similar example in Lua? However please note I am using Lua-XML RPC module in my code to make the RPC call to testlink server. Is it okay to send that I do not know what license rules are for posting online. It looks okay to me. Below is the link. If you are okay with it, I can send the reportTC result example along with the xmlrpc module file to you. [^]
Thanks a lot.

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