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0000276Testlink 1.6.xRequirements Coveragepublic2005-12-05 19:092011-03-20 15:14
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Summary0000276: Editing requirement changes status to 'Not Testable' in every case.
Descriptionwhen editing a requirement. I am seeing two issues.
1. When editing any information on a requirement, such at title or scope. once saved the status will revert to 'Not Testable'. even though the status was left at "valid"

2. when trying to change the status from 'Not Testable' to 'Valid', you have to edit the requirement twice. on the second edit it will finally take and the status is saved correctly.

To Duplicate:
1. Select any Requirement Spec and then a Requirement within that spec. make sure to select a requirement that has a status of 'Valid'
2. In the update dialog, change nothing,, simply hit the update button for the requirement
3. select the requirement again.. as if your going to update it again.
4. NOTICE the status has changed to 'Not Testable'.

this is a pain, every time a test case is edited, mutiple edits have to be done so that it remains as valid.

Additional InformationI have seen this before in PHP when sending post information from a form.. I can't remember the particulars.. but there was definitly an issue...

Maybe it is something where the post data needs to be cleared as the edit dialog loads.
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2005-12-05 20:19

Disregard my steps above,, they are dependant on specific data I had.

deeper investigation..
I created a tLog for the sucessful execution of the sql and in it I see.
status='', type='', id_modifier='39', req_doc_id='', modified_date=CURRENT_DATE WHERE id=2

for some reason the status and type are getting passed as a null..

from the reqEdit.tpl, line 93:
 <input type="hidden" name="reqStatus" value="{$arrReq.type}" />

Should be
  <input type="hidden" name="reqType" value="{$arrReq.type}" />

At least this seems to resolve the issue I was immediatly seeing.
the old code was replacing the reqStatus with a null value.. so the status never go updated properly..

Although.. I never see anytyhing get populated for this arrReq.type.. maybe becasue my data is now hosed.. I'll fix that..
it is always empty.. but I don't see it curtrently used anywhere anyway.
fman (administrator)
2011-03-20 15:14

product is not supported anymore

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