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0002490TestLinkReportspublic2009-05-08 21:512010-01-13 21:43
Assigned Tomhavlat 
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Product Version1.8.2 
Fixed in Version1.8.3 
Summary0002490: Test cases exported to XML files cannot by imported if the size of the file exceeds 200kB (but can be exported!!)
DescriptionTest cases exported to XML files cannot by imported if the size of the file exceeds 200kB, while the export to files exceeding that limit is perfectly possible!
This is dangerous, because one can export some test cases to a file >200kB hoping to be able to import it eg. in other test project, but then he is surprised it is not possible.

Besides, why do you set this limit=200kB? This makes this functionality not usable for me. Average test suite (in my company) contains test cases sizing about 1MB after exporting to a xml file. So what can I do? Break one test suite in many parts <200kB??

Why do I need this functionality? Because I have 2 test projects for one system being tested: one for system tests (executing by developement department Testers) and one for user acceptance tests (executing by business departments Testers). My system testers preparing test cases for UAT and then, they export theese testcase in order to import them into test project for UAT tests, in which business users do their own acceptance tests.

Can I count for resolving (somehow) this problem, which is very important form my point of view?
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Database (MySQL,Postgres,etc)
BrowserIE6, FireFox 2.0
PHP Version5.2.9
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mhavlat (reporter)
2009-05-11 16:43

Hmmm, maybe there was performance problem. Generally I do not see reason why it should not be increased to 2MB.
$tlCfg->import_max_size = '204800'; // in bytes
keeyou (reporter)
2009-05-13 20:29

Thanks, setting $tlCfg->import_max_size to a bigger value helped! I set it o 409600 and managed to import a file=3MB. Thanks for a solution, I thought, that magic 200KB limit is still valid :)
mhavlat (reporter)
2009-05-18 00:19

Anyway, I doubled the value. Commited to both HEAD and 1.8 branch + doc update.

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2009-05-18 00:19 mhavlat Resolution open => fixed
2010-01-13 21:43 mhavlat Status resolved => closed

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