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0002439TestLinkRequirement Managementpublic2009-04-27 14:142009-05-11 15:55
Assigned Toamitkhullar 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version1.8.1 
Fixed in Version1.8.2 
Summary0002439: needs to be updated for requirements constants
DescriptionThere is an issue if the values of the following constants are kept in small case on Postgres. the Analyse report in the req. spec. section doesnt show the uncovered test cases reason being the value that comes in the query are in small case, it though works on mysql with small case but not in PostGres.

SELECT id,title,req_doc_id FROM requirements WHERE srs_id=18331 AND status='v' ORDER BY req_doc_id,title

define('NON_TESTABLE_REQ', 'n');
define('VALID_REQ', 'v');
These should be anyways changed to 'CAPITALS' since when you save the data in the requirements table you choose from the constants below which are CAPITAL.

define('TL_REQ_STATUS_VALID', 'V');
define('TL_REQ_STATUS_DRAFT', 'D');
define('TL_REQ_STATUS_TODO', 'T');

So either they should all be captial or use the same variable name in it.

@fman: Your feedback on this?
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fman (administrator)
2009-04-27 14:29

lower case and upper case is a problem that always is present when you use DBMS that normally works in CASE INSENSITIVE mode, and IMHO is wrong.
I agree with using always SAME CASE for constants that will be written to db, and that may has been defined on CREATE TABLE, as default values for columns.
Right know status codes are lower case, then we need to choose a path => ALL LOWER or ALL UPPER case, and then retest with all db.

this change thats seems small can create lot of problems.
amitkhullar (reporter)
2009-04-27 15:06

Then what about this bug, how do you think we shud fix it?

mhavlat (reporter)
2009-04-27 15:47

We have test statuses lower case, so these statuses should be also lower-case.

Regarding 1.9:
- migration script should modify all to lower-case
- constants must be changed to lower-case

Regarding 1.8:
- You can modify the SQL request to accept both value: (status = V or status = v)

amitkhullar (reporter)
2009-04-27 16:25


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