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0002177TestLinkLocalizationpublic2009-03-03 05:212010-06-23 15:22
Assigned ToJulian 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version1.8 RC 4 
Fixed in Version1.9 Beta 5 
Summary0002177: Different code pages in different elements of GUI
DescriptionThough in strings.txt I entered all language-specific chars in the same code page, they are displayed differently in different elements of GUI. Mostly they are displayed correctly, but there are exceptions: below examples of variables in which native chars are displayed incorrectly (i didn't manage to catch them all):
- $TLS_result_user_changed
- $TLS_desc_mgt_modify_product
- $TLS_caption_new_tproject
- $TLS_warning_empty_tcase_prefix
- $TLS_your_info_for_passwd
- $TLS_result_user_changed
- $TLS_title_testproject_management
- $TLS_caption_new_tproject
- $TLS_your_info_please
TagsNo tags attached.
Database (MySQL,Postgres,etc)
BrowserIE 6, Mozilla Firefox 2.0
PHP Version5
QA Team - Task Workflow Status
Attached Filesjpg file icon screen1.jpg [^] (29,946 bytes) 2009-03-04 04:22

jpg file icon screen2.jpg [^] (35,344 bytes) 2009-03-04 04:24

jpg file icon strings by Julian.JPG [^] (18,175 bytes) 2010-06-23 08:10

zip file icon [^] (36,169 bytes) 2010-06-23 13:45

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related to 0002415closedmhavlat Nearly full translation into polish language 

-  Notes
schlundus (reporter)
2009-03-04 03:39

??? please add more details and a screenshot !
keeyou (reporter)
2009-03-04 04:34

I added 2 screenshots:

screen1.jpg - here you can see how differently are displayed polish native characters in different variables. In this particular example I used variables:
TLS_password_reset - this variable's content is displayed correctly
TLS_your_info_for_passwd - this variable's content is displayed rubbish

screen2.jpg - here you can see the fragment of strings.txt file, in which these two variables are set identicaly (identicaly coded polish chars)

If it is still not clear to you, write in more details what other screenshots would you like to see.
schlundus (reporter)
2009-03-04 04:50

Problem is clear now, thanks
keeyou (reporter)
2009-05-19 03:18

what does it mean, that problem is acknowledged?
mhavlat (reporter)
2009-05-19 09:14

It was just technical bulk update.

Could you verify definition file 0002415?
schlundus (reporter)
2009-05-20 00:47

I assign it to me, and think about a solution
keeyou (reporter)
2009-05-20 13:08

mhavlat - Sorry, but I don't need or want to verify strings.txt supplied by przemilke, because I have my own translation which is best for me for couple of reasons, eg:
- it conforms to ISTQB glossary
- some of hints I haven't translated but supplied a brand new hints which suits to the needs of my company

But I assure you, that the problem I issued you can reproduce on ANY string.txt file.
schlundus (reporter)
2009-05-20 14:42

Jepp, it's a "bug" and has nothing to do with the strings.txt. It's a problem with "mixed" usage of the strings inside.
keeyou (reporter)
2009-05-28 03:10

thank you. when can we expect the fix?
keeyou (reporter)
2009-08-28 19:01

heeeelooo! :) can you tell what version will deliver fix for this issue?
schlundus (reporter)
2009-08-29 02:03

Hm, i'm not sure if you will like my fix, because my fix disable the display of HTML entities like the one you use.
Just an example of what i'm talking about:

modify to:
$TLS_password_reset = "Reset<script>alert('k')</script>Password"
keeyou (reporter)
2009-11-30 17:15

Hi Schlundus, I'd like to try your fix, but I really don't understand how it works and what the value: "Reset<script>alert('k')</script>Password" has to do with the reported problem? Please explain and I will gladly try anything you'll propose.
keeyou (reporter)
2010-06-21 19:53

Found the problem and a solution.
When in smarty template files *.tpl the option "|escape" is used (eg: "<div class="messages" style="text-align:center;">{$note|escape}</div>" in file gui/templates/loginLost.tpl) to escape special characters from translated strings, the ampersand (&) is also escaped. This cause that code of the polish character, eg: "ń" is converted to: "&0000322;". These are two entities (instead of one), which are not correctly interpreted as polish character by a browser. So is it vital to use "|escape" option in smarty templates in TestLink? Or can I safely modify all .tpl files in my instalation of TestLink?
fman (administrator)
2010-06-22 05:57

Using escape is vital to avoid problem with htmlentities used on words where this entities HAS NOT HTML Meaning => escape can not be removed.
IMHO What is needed is DO NOT USE the & inside localized strings (if possible) to express special characters (example german umlaut) and NOT remove escape.
no not think smarty template people has added escape if was not needed
Julian (reporter)
2010-06-22 06:47
edited on: 2010-06-22 06:49

polish string file was not encoded in UTF-8.

i did a scripted update according to current cvs head code and changed the encoding of the file.

if you are still interested in contributing your language please translate all english strings and replace encoded special chars. you can now use the crazy "n" for example. :)

please give me feedback if this really helped you.

// attached to issue

keeyou (reporter)
2010-06-23 08:08

Hi guys,

@fman: you wrote: "DO NOT USE the & inside localized strings" - How can I encode polish special characters without using ampersand? I'm not specialist about code pages and charset tables, so if you please tell me what is the alternative way of encoding polish chars, I will gladly use it.

1. I downloaded strings.txt attached by you, and replaced it in my instance of TestLink. It didn't help - see attached screenshot.
2. As a matter of fact I did translated string.txt some time ago, because I didn't like the translation contributed by some of my polish mates, of following reasons:
- in some part it wasn't in line with ISTQB glossary (translated by Polish Testing Board (SJSI))
- many of translated phrases were awkward, and I am some kind of linguistic freak...
I didn't contributed my translation, simply because somebody already did it for community. I use it only for my company's instance of TestLink.
3. I'm afraid that I don't understand, what do you mean by "crazy n" :(
4. I will gladly write proper script by myself, if I only knew proper mappings. For instance with what characters should I replace polish character which looks like "Z" with a dot over it? There are 9 such special characters in polish language (you can see it on the picture screen1.jpg) and I have to know how to encode each of them.

I will be glad for any clue....
Julian (reporter)
2010-06-23 08:12
edited on: 2010-06-23 08:16

please replace encoded characters like & # 324; and simply type the chars from your keyboard.

//Try to use chars "from your keyboard" with the attached strings.txt

fman (administrator)
2010-06-23 09:46

I do not know what is the solution => I will need to do the same you need to do search in internet.
A good source can be the localization strings presents on mantisbt.

>> I didn't contributed my translation, simply because somebody already did it
>> for community. I use it only for my company's instance of TestLink.
not the best approach to follow, always share
keeyou (reporter)
2010-06-23 10:31

It works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Big thanks Julian!!!!
But you also need to inform the guy, who contributed polish translation to replace all the entities with polish chars.

Thanks again.
keeyou (reporter)
2010-06-23 10:36
edited on: 2010-06-23 10:37

if nobody would contributed it before, I would gladly share. I just didn't want to diminish sombody else's work. If you want to, I can send my translation, no problem.

Julian (reporter)
2010-06-23 10:49

ok so take the attached file as basis and let us know when you finished work and i will commit to cvs.

thank you
keeyou (reporter)
2010-06-23 11:39

It is me to thank you, Julian.
I will let you know then.
Julian (reporter)
2010-06-23 11:52

please check newly attached

i tried to replace all encoded characters.
let me know if i replaced them right :)
fman (administrator)
2010-06-23 12:36

>> if nobody would contributed it before, I would gladly share.
>> I just didn't want to diminish sombody else's work.
>> If you want to, I can send my translation, no problem.
nodoby have talked about diminish other' work, just than in an Open Source Project when possibly the idea is share effort and findinds.

>> But you also need to inform the guy,
>> who contributed polish translation to replace all the entities
>> with polish chars.
near impossible to remember who has contributed
Julian (reporter)
2010-06-23 13:46

sorry missed some chars.

please get the latest zip: (36,169 bytes)
keeyou (reporter)
2010-06-23 14:05

>>nodoby have talked about diminish other' work, just than in an Open Source >>Project when possibly the idea is share effort and findinds.
Of'course, as long as they concern technical solutions or substantive concepts but not thesaurus :] Suppose you got 10 alternative polish translations contributed by different reporters. Which one would you choose to put in the next release? How would you asses which one is best? Unless you know polish... :)

>>near impossible to remember who has contributed
impossible to remember, but easy to find (since every translation contributed is reported as a mantis issue by not anonymous reporter). I did it for you (Category: localization, search string: polish): there are 2 reporters from whom you got polish translations: przemilke and wujek.

Julian (reporter)
2010-06-23 14:14

as i replaced all encoded chars for you we do not need the prior contributor anymore. simply check if chars were replaced correctly

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