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0002080TestLinkTest Plan (builds, milestones, test assign)public2009-02-09 18:182009-03-17 15:40
Assigned Tofman 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version1.8 RC 4 
Fixed in Version1.8 RC 5 
Summary0002080: Expected % of Mielstones not displayed on the resultsGeneral.tpl
DescriptionPlease correct the following in the files below:
1: testplan.class.php
(line 1156)
function get_milestones($tplan_id)
// $sql="SELECT id, name, a AS high_percentage, b AS medium_percentage, c AS low_percentage, " .
with the line :
    $sql="SELECT id, name, a , b , c , " .

2: resultsGeneral.php
Replace the $item['A'] with small[a] ,[b], [c]etc...

        if ($item['low_percentage'] < $item['c'])
            $item['low_incomplete'] = ON;
            $item['low_incomplete'] = OFF;

        if ($item['medium_percentage'] < $item['b'])
            $item['medium_incomplete'] = ON;
            $item['medium_incomplete'] = OFF;

        if ($item['high_percentage'] < $item['a'])
            $item['high_incomplete'] = ON;
            $item['high_incomplete'] = OFF;

        if ($item['percentage_completed'] < $item['b'])
            $item['all_incomplete'] = ON;
            $item['all_incomplete'] = OFF;

        $item['b'] = number_format($item['b'], 2);
3:resultsGeneral.tpl line140-158
Replace {$res.A} with {$res.a} and so on...
{foreach item=res from=$statistics->milestones}
                  <td>{$|escape} {$tlCfg->gui_separator_open}
                          {$res.target_date|escape} {$tlCfg->gui_separator_close}</td>
                  <td class="{if $res.high_incomplete}failed{else}passed{/if}">
                          {$res.high_percentage} % {$tlCfg->gui_separator_open}
                          {$res.results.3} {$tlCfg->gui_separator_close}</td>
                  <td>{$res.a} %</td>
                  <td class="{if $res.medium_incomplete}failed{else}passed{/if}">
                          {$res.medium_percentage} % {$tlCfg->gui_separator_open}
                          {$res.results.2} {$tlCfg->gui_separator_close}</td>
                  <td>{$res.b} %</td>
                  <td class="{if $res.low_incomplete}failed{else}passed{/if}">
                          {$res.low_percentage} % {$tlCfg->gui_separator_open}
                          {$res.results.1} {$tlCfg->gui_separator_close}</td>
                  <td>{$res.c} %</td>
                <td>{$res.percentage_completed} %</td>
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Database (MySQL,Postgres,etc)
PHP Version
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amitkhullar (reporter)
2009-02-09 18:20

Or instead of doing all this you can even update the query in get_milestones to
$sql="SELECT id, name, a AS A, b AS B, c AS C, " and then you dont need to touch rest of the points 2 and 3.

fman (administrator)
2009-02-09 23:24

we have problems with UPPER CASE ALIAS and different DB engine => then using these alias is out of discussion.

In addition this silly names (a,b,c) must be avoided, that's why I have used
low_percentage, and so on,
Then bug must be fixed but if possible a,b,c fields must not be used, but maintain new names and no old ones.

Always attach code as zip files please
fman (administrator)
2009-02-09 23:45

try with attached files, (not tested) but this must be direction not using columns A,B,C.
fman (administrator)
2009-02-10 00:26

This problem is not related to DB schema changes.
Changing columns name from UPPER case (these were the only THREE columns in upper case in WHOLE schema !!!!), can not create great problems, and is price to pay in order to have better code.
This bug is due to query changes (my fault anyway), I have missed (as usual) some pages.

I have made this solution proposal, because think firt solution proprosal was to quick & dirty.
fman (administrator)
2009-02-10 00:57

OK, I will try to made some tests and commit

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