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0000906TestLinkRequirement Managementpublic2007-06-15 03:002008-11-23 06:50
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1.7.0 RC 2 
0000906: When assigning requirements and one already exist for a test case the page always defaults to the first on the list.
1) Create Requirement Spec 1 and a requirement
2) Create Requirement Spec 2 and a requirement
3) Note that in Assign Requirement screen Requirement Spec 1 is always listed first and 2 second since that is alphabetical.
4) Create a test case and assign to a requirement in Requirement Spec 2
5) When you click on the test case while assigning requirements it will always default to Requirement Spec 1 in the Requirements Specification drop down list although you have already assigned a requirement to Spec 2

Better Result: It would be more user friendly to navigate to the Requirements Spec2 when I click on the testcase, the first assigned Requirements spec. Since the system allows you to assign a testcase to different Requirements Specs I know you can't show all of them. But for the more used, use case we usually would see a testcase assigned to only wone Requirement Specification, but maybe to multiple requirements within it.

6) Create another 2 testcases within that module
7) Click on 1st test case assign the first one to a Requirement Spec2
8) click on 2nd test case
9) The Requirments Specification will jump back to Requirements Spec1 since it is the first on the list.

Better Result2: It would be better here to continue to remain on the same Requirements Specification choice, which would have been Requirement Spec2, of course without anything assigned. This will allow the user to assign many test cases within the same Requirements Specification faster.
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duplicate of 0001837closed mhavlat Contribution: remember SRS for REQxTC assignment 
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