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0008965TestLinkAPI - RESTpublic2020-07-19 18:302020-07-27 08:58
Firefox, chrome and edge
0008965: I can not locate any API - REST resources, I always get the response 404 Not Found.
I try locating resources such as /lib/api/rest/v1/testprojects (tried in v1 and v2)
The URL I am using is exactly "http://localhost/testlink/lib/api/rest/v1/testprojects" [^]
But I have tried with:
-http://localhost/lib/api/rest/v1/testprojects [^]
- [^]
- [^]
and many other posible variations just in case I was not doing it properly.

Always used the header APIKEY with my user API access key (also tried with the project API key) or putting the API key on the username part with a basic authentication.

I used as API client Postman and RESTClient addon for firefox.

I have been looking in posted issues and the internet in general for a clue of what could be happening but can't come to a response. I have reinstalled testlink a few times in case it was a installation problem.

Probably I am missing some configuration or I am not using the proper URL.
Simply have send a GET request to the REST API with the URLs I set as examples
My installation was done by Bitnami-testlink installer.
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2020-07-22 10:14   
Please give a look to the
Repository with the test,
You will find there examples
With cUrl.
The apikey is the user apikey
2020-07-22 10:18   
It's better that you use code from
Github branch testlink_1_9_20_fixed
And php > 7.3
2020-07-27 08:20   
I have changed the code for the one in testlink_1_9_20_fixed and updated my php version but I have the same problem.
Looking through the test I do not see crearly what should be the url I need to use. One of the examples has this url: http://localhost/development/github/testlink-code/lib/api/rest/v2/who [^]
I understand that "/lib/api/rest/v2/who" is fixed but how is build the "/developement/github/testlink-code" part.
My full directory is: C:\Bitnami\testlink-1.9.20-5\apps\testlink\htdocs\lib\api\rest\v2
2020-07-27 08:50   
You need to use your URL
2020-07-27 08:58   
My URL is "http://localhost:81/testlink/" [^]
I have already tried with this.
So now I guess my problem is related to the code I'm using or the installation. I will try to set it up properly and update with the solution I may find. Thank you.