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0008941TestLinkUsers and Rightspublic2020-06-22 09:212020-06-22 09:27
Postgresql 9.6
0008941: Bug Delete not possible, for user with specific role in test project
hasRight() check does not use the test project to delete a bug to an execution:

[>>][5ef06f245e394068844487][DEFAULT][/lib/execute/bugDelete.php][20/Jun/22 08:43:16]
        [20/Jun/22 08:43:16][AUDIT][0j8u0o5j8f04ogjihj1pvnqaro][GUI - Projet ID : 10]
                User 'atisne' has insufficient rights for 'any' action on 'bugDelete.php'! Exit forced!

Same bug as 0008925 (or 0008930).
0- Use a project with an Issue tracker integration activated
1- Execute a test with a failure status
2- Add a bug on this execution
3- Delete the bug you just create
-> After a popup confirmation, a new frame opens on the desktop. The bug is not deleted.
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