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0008921TestLinkInventory / Platformspublic2020-05-18 13:472020-05-18 17:42
Postgresql 9.6
0008921: Platform creation not available, for user with specific role in test project
As a project leader, I can see the menu 'Platform Management' on the desktop but I cannot get the management page. I stay on the Desktop.

1- Create a new project (TPRJ00)
2- Assign the leader role to a user U in test project TPRJ00
3- Connect to Testlink with the user U
4- Click on the menu 'Platform management'
-> We stay on the desktop
[>>][5ec28e882f556091824774][DEFAULT][/lib/platforms/platformsView.php][20/May/18 13:32:56]
        [20/May/18 13:32:56][AUDIT][3ut3lqhp2k174g9c11qmjj8qq4][GUI - Test Project ID : 1]
                User 'atisne' has insufficient rights for 'any' action on 'platformsView.php'! Exit forced!

Check in DB:

testlink=> select ro.description, r.description from role_rights rr inner join rights r on inner join roles ro on where role_id =9 and r.description like '%platform%';
 description | description
 leader | platform_management
 leader | platform_view
(2 rows)

Tested using the branch testlink_1_9_20_fixed
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child of 0008846assigned fman Availables hot-fixes for 1.9.20 & How To get full fixed package from GitHub 
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2020-05-18 14:47   
use testlink_1_9_20_fixed please and provide feedback
2020-05-18 16:52   
I tested on testlink_1_9_20_fixed (@736e65d78785bbb38a5c999f3f9e0641040d0427).