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0008918TestLinkBug Tracking Systems Integrationpublic2020-05-15 18:042020-05-18 15:32
miguel calvimonte 
resolvedunable to reproduce 
TestLink 1.9.20Windows10
Google Chrome
0008918: The issue created link redirects to a undefined URL
After configuring the integration of TestLink with GitLab through an ip address,
the links that are created in TestLink assign an URL name instead of using t
he ip to connect with Gitlab.
his causes that the link to not work correctly and not accessing the issue in Gitlab.
The named URL must be replaced with the ip address in order for it to work.
1. Create a new Issue Tracker
2. When entering the "uribase" parameter in the configuration, use the ip address of the server that is hosting the Gitlab service.
3. Save the rest of the valid parameters.
4. Create a new issue from a test case.
5. Click the link that is created in the test case.
The link opened redirects to an invalid external website with the format "" [^] instead of the ip address that was registered in the issue tracker configuration (Example: [^]).
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2020-05-18 09:31   
Can you provide the exact details of your configuration, hidden sensitive information?
2020-05-18 09:53   
I've checked a configuration with IP to access and I can not connect via https, may be is something related to SSL certifcate.

I've also searched in the code in branch testlink_1_9_20_fixed and there is no trace of the string then I do not understand why you are getting it

Solution: create a DNS entry for the IP you are using.
miguel calvimonte   
2020-05-18 14:14   
Thanks for checking the issue. In order to configure the DNS, where would I have to do this configuration? does it have to be on TestLink or does it relate to a Firewall configuration that IT would have to perform?

2020-05-18 14:44   
IMHO you need to pass this request to your Networking people.
or you can add in the hosts file the line

miguel calvimonte   
2020-05-18 15:22   
I added the ip and the URL in the hosts file and the links now work! Thank you for the support.
2020-05-18 15:32