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0008917TestLinkGeneralpublic2020-05-13 06:192020-05-13 16:34
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1.9.19 (2019 Q1) 
MySQL Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.6.40
0008917: Direct link to testcases not opening Navigation tree till testcase level
The direct link to testcases available from world icon after selecting testcase from test specification does open the test case but does not open the tree in the side bar to the testcase level.
So other user does not know which test suite is test case a part of .
1. Create Test Project TP1.
2. Create test suites Test Suite 1, Test Suite 2.
3. Create test suites TS1,TS2,TS3 in Test Suite 1.
4. Create testcases TC1, TC2, TC3 in TS1.
5. Select testcase TC1.
6. Click on world icon to get direct link to testcase TC1 and copy the link.
7. Open the link another browser or give to another user to open.
8. After logging in and the clicking on the link to open it , it opens the
   testcase in test specification but it does not open the navigation tree on
   the left to lowest testcase level.
Attached is screenshot of testcase after opening it from link.
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png LinkOpen.PNG (199,681) 2020-05-13 06:19
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This is the way this work and unfortunately can not be changed.
It's IMHO a minor annoyance