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0008886TestLinkRolespublic2020-03-21 15:002020-05-13 16:36
Bitnami (VM and Docker)Debian
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0008886: Unable to access Builds and cannot assign execution with Leader Role
Using the latest build from bitnami, which is labeled 1.9.20, the Leader role no longer allows for Build menu access nor assigning test case execution. A user reported this problem to me in 1.9.19, so I updated to 1.9.20 and the problem didn't go away.

In any test project with a test plan, attempt to create a build: User 'xxx' has insufficient rights for 'any' action on 'buildView.php'! Exit forced!

Alternatively, create a build as Admin user, log out, sign in as user with leader privileges, attempt to assign test execution, get kicked out when you select the test case. User 'xxx' has insufficient rights for 'any' action on 'tc_exec_assignment.php'! Exit forced!
In order to rule out any problem with the database, I deployed another docker image (latest) with no data. Created a project from scratch, with new test plan and one test case. The problem is still there, so it's not my DB.

Noticed that Leader role has Assign Test Case Execution unchecked by default now. I did turn it on and it made no difference. These problems only go away with Admin role.
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some fixes (not completed) have been released in branch testlink_1_9_20_fixed
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