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0008858TestLinkRequirement Managementpublic2020-02-05 10:162020-02-05 10:52
0008858: Interface Requirement Specification: Scroll and Elevator
In TestLink 1.9.20 [DEV] (Raijin)
If Docid and Title are longs, Horizontal Elevator to see the end of line is hide by another horital elevator.
It's difficult to scroll.
 * Import all-req.xml in Requirement Specification
 * Try to see the end of requirement title
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Some issue on UX can not be avoided, because users are ready to push any limit.
IMHO the solution is at the start of design => why you need to have a req title that has to be incredibly long?

May be your language (i.e. German, Dutch) is the reason because words tend to be longer than in English.