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0008840: Test Suite Operations : Not possible to remove a TestSuite
In TestLink 1.9.20 [DEV] (Raijin), in "Test Suite Operations" menu, impossible to remove a testsuite even if there are no TestCase Attach.
In Test Specification
* Create a Testsuite
* Select this Testsuite
* In Test Suite Operations, click on "Delete this TestSuite and all Children..."
* Confirm "Really delete the Test Suite?"
* The confirmation message is "Test Suite : " and the Testsuite is not deleted.
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2020-01-11 11:08   
please do not report a wrong version on version combo, this is misleading
2020-01-11 11:14   
create test project P1
create content via import using [TL INSTALL DIR]/docs/qa_data/testproject-35-testcases.xml
create a Test Suite TS-Z100
create inside Test Suite TS-Z100, TZ-200
create inside Test Suite TS-Z100, TZ-200 => TZ-300

delete TZ100 -> no issue
2020-01-16 13:58   
Hi Francisco,

I can reproduce this issue on github sources @20200116.

I can't figure out why you have a different behaviour.

My analysis is that when deleting a TestSuite, nor containerID, nor containerType is provided in $_REQUEST. In the function init_args in lib/testcases/containerEdit.php, containerType is so forced to 'testproject' (line 505). In this case, $args->tprojectID is set with containerID which is null (line 524). And so, we cannot check the deletion right (line 572).

I fix it providing the containerType on the confirmation URL. You can have a look to [^]
2020-01-16 14:15   
I'm testing using Admin, then issue can be related to rights, but user has no provided indication about user role.
2020-01-16 14:17   
going to apply your changes anyway