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0008817TestLinkBug Tracking System - JIRA Integrationpublic2019-12-08 10:372019-12-08 10:37
0008817: Tl 1.9.20 (dev) >> Test Execution >> result submission not working in case jira issue tracker is used with gui interaction
Dear TestLink Team,

when trying to execute tests manually (clicking the smileys) I noticed, that the result is not getting submitted in case the following conditions apply:

1. jira issue tracker is enabled
2. <userinteraction>1</userinteraction> is set
3. the jira project has fields like "Version"
4. the checkbox "Create issue" next to the smileys is NOT checked
5. clicking "Set to passed" (or failed) nothing happens

To make it work there are some workarounds:

- check once the "Create issue" box, uncheck it again, not the result can be submitted


- disable the issue creation feature in the issue tracker cfg


- do not use fields like "Version" or "Components" in your jira project

Thanks for reading, in case more information is needed I would be happy to assist.
1. check jira rest api issue tracker is enabled
2. check <userinteraction>1</userinteraction> is set in issue tracker cfg
3. Important(!):check the jira project has fields like "Version" (shown as gui drop down menu in TL)
4. in test execution view try to click the "set to passed" smiley, before do NOT toggle the checkbox "Create issue" next to the result submission smileys.

--> issue becomes effective: now nothing happens

5. check and uncheck the "Create issue" box and try again to submit "Set to passed"

--> now the test result gets stored and window is refreshed.
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