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0008792TestLinkReq Overviewpublic2019-11-01 17:262020-01-01 15:40
0008792: Tl 1.9.20 (dev) >> Requirement overview >> Custom field content displayed in wrong column
Dear TestLink team,

I noticed, that in the dev version (git: ca116be30ee2c664b78712b0b064f0ad034cd293) the custom field content is displayed in the wrong column of the requirements overview in case custom field(s) "before" have no content.

Example: There are 3 custom fields for requirements.
- In case for a requirement all three are populated with content, in the overview the content of each field is displayed in the correct column.
- In case the first custom field is empty for a requirement, but the other two have content, their content is displayed in the comumns of custom field 1 and 2, instead 2 and 3.

This prevents using the col sorting in a meaningful way as the content of different custom fields gets mixed up.

I will attach a screenshot to clarify.

Thank you for reading!
- Create and assign more than one custom field (string e.g.) for requirements to your project.
- In a requirement, leave the custom field 1 empty, fill some content to the second.
- go to requirements overview and check in which columns the custom field content appears
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child of 0008549closed fman Availables hot-fixes for 1.9.19 & How To get full fixed package from GitHub 
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2019-12-27 09:25   
(edited on: 2019-12-27 09:30)
Had a look at the issue again,
the following patch demonstrates a way to get the content assigned to the correct column: [^]

[edit: added screenshot showing effect of patch: [^]]

Mantis-8792: append one item to $result for every displayed cfield column, in case there is no content for this cfield for this req, append empty string. This way the the cfield content gets assigned to correct column even if other cfields for this req have no content.

Additional: fix typo in date display: $labels['week_short'], before $label['week_short'] ($label is not defined)

2019-12-28 07:45   
Thanks for your contribution, I'm going to check and see how to add to stable code