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0008792TestLinkReq Overviewpublic2019-11-01 17:262019-11-01 17:26
0008792: Tl 1.9.20 (dev) >> Requirement overview >> Custom field content displayed in wrong column
Dear TestLink team,

I noticed, that in the dev version (git: ca116be30ee2c664b78712b0b064f0ad034cd293) the custom field content is displayed in the wrong column of the requirements overview in case custom field(s) "before" have no content.

Example: There are 3 custom fields for requirements.
- In case for a requirement all three are populated with content, in the overview the content of each field is displayed in the correct column.
- In case the first custom field is empty for a requirement, but the other two have content, their content is displayed in the comumns of custom field 1 and 2, instead 2 and 3.

This prevents using the col sorting in a meaningful way as the content of different custom fields gets mixed up.

I will attach a screenshot to clarify.

Thank you for reading!
- Create and assign more than one custom field (string e.g.) for requirements to your project.
- In a requirement, leave the custom field 1 empty, fill some content to the second.
- go to requirements overview and check in which columns the custom field content appears
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