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0008760TestLinkBug Tracking System - JIRA Integrationpublic2019-09-10 14:192020-03-08 10:46
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1.9.19 (2019 Q1) 
Firefox / Vivaldi
0008760: Unable to Create or Link JIRA Issues to Testcases
I followed the tutorial [^]

Therefor I used the JIRA SOAP Connection.

The configuration for my Issue Tracker in TestLink looks like:

<!-- Template jirasoapInterface -->
<uribase>https://myurl/jira/</uribase> [^]
<uriwsdl>https://myurl/jira/rpc/soap/jirasoapservice-v2?wsdl</uriwsdl> [^]
<uriview>https://myurl/jira/browse/</uriview> [^]
<uricreate>https://myurl/jira/secure/CreateIssue!default.jspa</uricreate> [^]
<!-- Configure This if you want be able TO CREATE ISSUES -->

After configuration the "Check Connection"-Button shows me OK.

When I execute a Testplan I see the buttons to create and add JIRA issues

When I click on button to create a jira issue the popup opens

When I click on the save button, I got an error text (see Screenshot 03)

Error text:

Create JIRA Ticket FAILURE => Error finding "uri" property - serialized issue:a:5:{s:7:"project";s:3:"TST";s:4:"type";i:0;s:7:"summary";s:78:"Meldunginformationen anzeigen - Executed ON (ISO FORMAT): 2019-09-10 15:18:27";s:11:"description";s:0:"";s:9:"issuetype";i:1;}
After the error I get a nginx/1.17.3 error "502 Bad Gateway".

In the error-log file I find this line:
2019/09/10 15:17:38 [error] 4000#4000: *1866 FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/localhost/htdocs/testlink/lib/functions/logger.class.php on line 202" while reading res>

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2019-09-10 15:33   
My first advide is avoid SOAP (because I has been deprecated in JIRA) and move to the REST API.

I can not do test with SOAP because is not supported by jira on cloud
2019-09-10 15:43   
I don't connect to JIRA on cloud, I connect to your own instance.

I sadly couldn't find the blog post, but I read, that I should use SOAP instead of REST?
2019-09-10 15:44   
And by the way, we are still useing an older version of jira (v5.2.11).

Could that be a problem?
2019-09-10 16:10   
I do not think that JIRA version can be an issue, but the kind of support I can provide is limited because the only platform I've to test JIRA integration is on Cloud with REST.
I'm sorry
2019-09-10 16:11   
may be you can contact reporter of 0008759, because it seems he is using jira with SOAP

2019-09-17 08:17   
I tried to use REST, but I have the same issue as mentioned in 0008742, that I get the error "Test Connection KO".

Can you give me some hints for debugging, where I can find the real error message, why the connection could not be created?

2019-09-17 17:50   
Only thing I can do is test against my jiracloud and provide the configuration I've used.
2019-09-17 19:38   
<uribase></uribase> [^]
<uriapi></uriapi> [^]
<uriview></uriview> [^]

with this config I've no problems
2019-09-18 07:08   
with your configuration I also didn't have a problem.

Which Request did you send against jira when clicking on the "Check connection" button?

Is there a possibility to see in a logfile if there is an authentification issue or a connection issue?
2019-09-18 10:35   
Be careful with JIRA Changes because user password is not used anymore for REST but you need to use the APIKEY in place of password.

For the log best thing to do is add debug info for yourself in the JIRA interface files, because standard log is not provided by testlink

2019-09-18 13:31   
Ok, this could be my issue, I used my userpw in <password> </password>

But I have to use a standalone jira server instance and didn't get an APIKEY. I'll try to get one from my IT support, because I couldn't find it on my jira account page.
2020-02-21 21:12 [^]
2020-03-08 10:46 [^]