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0008758TestLinkReportspublic2019-09-06 08:262019-09-06 17:21
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1.9.18 (2018 Q3) 
0008758: Adding "Test Case Status" column and "INACTIVE" flag to the report "Test Cases not assigned to Any Test Plan"
Testlink has a very useful report "Test Cases not assigned to Any Test Plan", but it clearly does not have a couple of columns "Status of Test Case" and "Inactive". These columns would help filter out test cases with a draft status or inactive test cases for example. If this report contains about a hundred tests, it is difficult to open each test for a detailed analysis.
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feel free to contribute
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I have attached two revised files from TestLink version 1.9.18: testproject.class.php (in wich only the getFreeTestCases function is changed) and freeTestCases.php. Since INACTIVE test cases cannot be included in the test plan, they simply do not get into the report.
Could you check the code and include this version of the report in future releases.
2019-09-06 17:21   
thanks I'm going to check