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0008721TestLinkAPI - XMLRPCpublic2019-07-10 07:232019-07-10 20:19
0008721: problems with XMLRPC: getTestCaseAttachments in 1.9.20
Dear TestLink Team,

with 1.9.20 the getTestCaseAttachments of the Python XMLRPC client is no longer working ( [^])

An exception is thrown: "ExpatError: junk after document element: line 1, column 91"

The parser seems to have a problem with the received content. The function works with TL 1.9.17

Could you please check if there was a change / is an error on TestLink side for this function, that would be very helpful.
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2019-07-10 20:19   
We test the API only using the PHP clients that are provided with any TestLink installation.
If you are able to reproduce the issue using the PHP client and you provide very detailed steps to reproduce then some action can be taken.

Please do some search regarding this topic in this site, may be there is some related isssue