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0008709TestLinkAPI - XMLRPCpublic2019-06-25 09:392019-06-26 15:59
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1.9.19 (2019 Q1) 
0008709: Requirements API
Hello everyone,

I would like to assign some requirements to testcase thanks to the API, but it is not currently possible.

I use the Python API, and I spoke with the developper to know if he was able to add the feature that I was needing, and he said that he couldn't, because the API doesn't have the material to do it. (see : [^])

That's why I make this issue, I would know if it's possible to :
    - get the srs_id requested via the api
    - have a function that would be the inverse of getReqCoverage, returning all requirements (or id and srs_id) assigned to a test case.
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All available methods are those present in the code in TestLink Php code, nothing more nothing else.

If something is missing you have several options:
contribute yourself
ask for custom development and make a donation
2019-06-26 15:59   
Hello fman,
Some additional remarks
- the current xmlrpc api implementation for requirements is inconsistent
- assignRequirements requires as mandatory attributes beside the requirement id also the srs_id (id of the specification document)
- but no TL xmlrpc api method returns it. getRequirements just returns the id of the requirement
- so your customers must, if they want to assign requirements to other test cases, interact directly with your TestLink Server Database to get this srs_id
- that is not the intension of an api

Our strength is on the python site, so unfortenatly, it is very hard for us to implement php changes or to understand what the existing code is doing.

This CR documents the current API state for requirements and hopefully there exist other users with more php knowledge which can support you in php.

If you need help on psql or python, you can contact me.

Regards Luiko