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0008706TestLinkTest Plan - Add/Remove Test Casespublic2019-06-24 09:232019-06-26 07:03
LINUXubuntu 18.04.01
1.9.19 (2019 Q1) 
mysql V14.14
PHP V7.2.19
0008706: On the testlink version V1.9.19, testcase adding process take a long time before(V1.9.14)
hi there.
i have a question about adding testcases.

Testlink process is taking a long time when i adding testcases in the testcase add/remove menu.

Recently i updated testlink version upgrade from V1.9.14 to V1.9.19.

Testlink V1.9.14 does not taking a long time to add testcases on the same environment.(totally same environment(OS/PHP/MYSQL/DB))

So i have checked the menu and i found some different menu.
(attached the png)

In the Setting Menu, "Tests Grouped By" option is added at testlink V1.9.19.

Can it makes testcases add process slower then before?

If it is make adding porcee slower then before. can i disable that menu?
1. Move to Add/Remove Test Cases.
2. Select "Show Full(on right pane)"
3. Select "adding" on the right screen
4. Select "Add/Remove Selected"
5. Waiting to complete add/remote testcases.
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png testlink diff.png (53,266) 2019-06-24 09:23
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2019-06-24 22:01   
in any upgrading is always suggested to do an upgrade to next version and do a minor test before continue to another version

with the indications you are providing unfortunately there is no way to provide any help.
The new option can not affect you if you do not use it.

try to ask on to have some user help
2019-06-25 00:50   
First of all, thanks to your comment fman.(my english writing skill is awful, i'm not used to it)

As your Comment, i had already check thist procedure, on the other version.

And i got a result like below

1. V1.9.14/V1.9.15/V1.9.16 : No Problem
2. V1.9.17/V1.9.18/V1.9.19 : slower then before

Do you have any recommend that i have to check?
2019-06-25 08:19   
Can you try with the OLD option I.e. without using the requirements?

2019-06-25 09:22   
i have been using the testlink without requirement.
(When i create the test project, i had uncheck the requirement option)

thanks to your reply. as your recommend i have to try to ask on

If i got the solution, i add the note on this issue.
2019-06-26 07:03   
OK, nobody else have reported it, it's very strange

any hint on SQL logs ? slow queries?