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0008687TestLinkRequirement to Test Case Assignmentpublic2019-06-11 08:112019-06-16 09:12
0008687: Create TestProject from old project modifies source project test case assignments
Dear TestLink Team,

observed in 1.9.20.
When copying a test project (create, create from existing), the copied test cases are assigned to the source requirement instead of the newly created requirement.
The created duplicate requirement in the new project has no test case assigned.
Create req and test case, assign to each other.
Copy the project and check the requriement- tc assignments in new and old project.
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2019-06-11 18:08   
thanks, I'm going to check

IMPORTANT thing is : from 1.9.18 and up RELATIONS is between REQ VERSION AND TEST CASE VERSION
2019-06-16 09:12   
Tried again with a fresh database & install, confirming this still happens.

The created duplicate test cases link to the source requirements.