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1.9.19 (2019 Q1) 
0008680: Some rigths cannot be assigned to a role - AFTER UPGRADE
When creating a new role, the following rights cannot be assigned to that role:
In Test Case management
- Delete Executed Test Cases
- Edit Executed Test Cases
In Test Plan
- Update Linked Test Case Versions
Got to User Management
create a new role
click the desired checkboxes
click safe
check role
result: checkboxes are not checked anymore
This is a feature highly required to update test cases.
In our environment the update button for test cases is not available anymore.
we updated recently from a very early version to the latest and since then we see this issue.
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this seems to be a BAD upgrade process, then without a dump of your db nothing can be done.
2019-06-07 07:17   
We did the updates very carefully. Version by version, not to miss any change which is required. We found the following database tables were created during the updates:

Updates and created tables:

1.9 req_revisions
1.9.1 req_revisions
1.9.4 req_specs_revisions, issuetrackers, testproject_issuetrackers
1.9.6 reqmgrsystems, testproject_reqmgrsystem
1.9.9 cfield_build_design_values
1.9.11 execution_tcsteps
1.9.12 testcase_relations
1.9.15 req_monitor, plugins, plugins_configuration
1.9.17 testcase_script_links, codetrackers, testproject_codetracker
1.9.18 testcase_relations_backup, attachments_backup

Please let us know if we are missing something. We cannot dump the db and share it here, because it contains confidential data.
2019-06-07 09:49   
Unfortunately without your db dump I can not help you.

Do a fresh install of latest testlink and check the rights table againsts yours.