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0008658TestLinkAPI - XMLRPCpublic2019-05-08 19:392019-05-16 14:32
1.9.19 (2019 Q1) 
0008658: API-XMLRPC - getTestCaseAttachments returns no attachment, uploaded with uploadTestCaseAttachment
With TL 1.9.19 and current github code following round trip does not work anymore, what was the case with 1.9.17 and 1.19.18
a) upload attachment to test case via XMLRPC call *uploadTestCaseAttachment* with parameter *testcaseid*
b) download attachment from test case via XMLRPC call *getTestCaseAttachments* with parameter *testcaseid*

With 1.19.19, only an empty response is returned.

Can it be, that the 1.19.19 change on *getTestCaseAttachments*, the new optional parameter *version* either isn't optional or must be although introduce on *uploadTestCaseAttachment* ?
- I haven't see in _xmlrpc.class.php_ a matching change on *uploadTestCaseAttachment*.
Could it be, that *uploadTestCaseAttachment* stores the attachments with a different key as *getTestCaseAttachments* it now expect?
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attachments now are managed at Test Case Version level and not Test Case anymore, may be this piece of code has not been refactored