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0008657TestLinkDatabase Postgrespublic2019-05-06 11:492019-05-08 11:24
x64Windows Server2019
1.9.18 (2018 Q3) 
0008657: Update from 1.9.17 to 1.9.18: unable to add column 'tcversion_id' to (non-empty) table 'testcase_keywords'.
When executing the following command in 'testlink\install\sql\alter_tables\1.9.18\postgres\DB.1.9.18':
    psql.exe --username="testlink" --file="step1\db_schema_update.sql",
the following error occurs:
    psql:db_schema_update.sql:26: ERROR: column "tcversion_id" contains null values

...understandably, as no default value is provided when adding column 'tcversion_id' of type INTEGER NOT NULL to 'testcase_keywords', which is not empty.

Subsequently, when trying to access a test case specification, a DB Access error happens because of the missing column.
- Download '' from github
- Rename folder 'testlink' to 'testlink-1.9.17'
- Extract '' to folder 'testlink'
- Copy '' and '' from 'testlink-1.9.17' to new 'testlink' directory
- Run the following command in a DOS box at 'testlink\install\sql\alter_tables\1.9.18\postgres\DB.1.9.18':

    psql.exe --username="testlink" --file="step1\db_schema_update.sql"
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2019-05-07 14:20   
Thanks, probably MySQL as usual does not complain
2019-05-08 11:24   
I just took a look at the corresponding MySQL script and it seems like there are a lot more changes made to the schema. Also, the 'tcversion_id' column in table 'testcase_keywords' is filled with values (line 68-70).