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0008648TestLinkMetrics Dashboardpublic2019-04-25 00:172019-04-27 07:50
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1.9.19 (2019 Q1) 
0008648: can i add metrics dashborad able to testlink main page
Can i add a Dashboard chart or metrics dashboard(http: //localhost/testlink//lib/results/metricsDashboard.php) to the center of testlink main page?

This seems to be too attractive.
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please do not use Mantis to ask for help on how configuring TestLink.
Mantis is intended to be used only for:

feature request ( with a well-detailed requirement)

for other things => where you will have other users support.

This ticket seems a mix.
If this is a feature request, IMHO the right way to write it is:

It will be great it the metric dashboard can be added to the center area of the TestLink Desktop.

Because you are sure this can not be done => feature request.

If you have tried to find a config option but did not find it, request a forum user and post there:

I've have search in the for a configuration option to display .... in the centera area of the desktop, but I've found nothing.
Anyone out there know if this is possible?

Give a look to the CHANGELOG provided with each installation because normally the feature are described there.
2019-04-27 05:53   
(edited on: 2019-04-27 05:54)

I've looked into the forums, but there are no dashboard requests or related information on the testlink main screen.

How can I get help ....

I would like to display the whole project (chart & test rate) on the main screen of testlkink.

2019-04-27 07:37   
IMHO if you have things at a mouse click distance, forcing people to wait to information to be displayed as a dashboard is not a good thing.
It's more some kind of 'manager view syndrome'.

Your request is again changing because now you do not want to display a single page (metrics dashboard) but charts than IMHO are of very limited help as they are developed right now, and test rate (what do you mean for this?), making things more complicated.

I remember that long time ago someone have asked to have a message in the 'central area' and this has been developed => you need to do some searches in

- CHANGELOG of testlink