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0008644TestLinkInstallerpublic2019-04-22 13:122019-06-05 21:41
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Windows10 64 bit
MySql 5.7.24
PHP 7.3.1
0008644: Can't install testlink db access error
I can't install testlink on port 3308.

TestLink setup will now attempt to setup the database:

Creating connection to Database Server:OK!

Connecting to database `testlink`:OK!
Creating Testlink DB user `testengineer`:OK! (ok - user_exists ok - grant assignment)
Dropping all TL existent tables:
Droping assignment_status
Droping assignment_types
Droping attachments
Droping builds
Droping cfield_build_design_values
Droping cfield_design_values
Droping cfield_execution_values
Droping cfield_node_types
Droping cfield_testplan_design_values
Droping cfield_testprojects
Droping custom_fields
Droping db_version
Droping events
Droping execution_bugs

 DB Access Error - debug_print_backtrace() OUTPUT START
 ATTENTION: Enabling more debug info will produce path disclosure weakness (CWE-200)
            Having this additional Information could be useful for reporting
            issue to development TEAM.
#0 database->exec_query(CREATE TABLE /*prefix*/testcase_script_links (
  `tcversion_id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
  `project_key` varchar(64) NOT NULL,
  `repository_name` varchar(64) NOT NULL,
  `code_path` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
  `branch_name` varchar(64) default NULL,
  `commit_id` varchar(40) default NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`tcversion_id`,`project_key`,`repository_name`,`code_path`)
) DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8) called at [C:\wamp64\www\testlink\install\sqlParser.class.php:98]
#1 SqlParser->process(sql/mysql/testlink_create_tables.sql) called at [C:\wamp64\www\testlink\install\installNewDB.php:459]
I'm using wamp 3.1.7 64bit
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2019-04-23 08:02   
1. get bitnami installer, and you will be able to do a smooth installation.

2. have you tried to run the offending SQL using your sql client to get more information.

3. have you done searches here for similar issues? (remove the option that hides closed issues)
2019-06-05 21:41   
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